Pesky Pseudo Science Pages

I want to keep a list of these Pesky Pseudo Science debunking posts for my readers convenience. If you have an pseudoscience websites you want me to address leave a message, and I will see what I can do, but please realize it may take time. 

Prayer does not work
No evidence for the biblical God
I can't accept your science so let me make my own
A list of 10 things that proves god does not exist
The Bible on the steady state theory and matter
Is biblical intelligent design testable?
God is not a murderer he is just misunderstood by scientists
A scientific study showing prayer...uhhhm...does not work
Does science contradict the bible on the evolution of man?
A fine-tuned universe is not so special after all

The Koran on the origins of the universe
The Koran on human embryonic development
The Koran on the Cerebrum
The Koran on seas and rivers
The Koran on clouds and lightning 
The Koran on mountains and earthquakes
Islam and the Big Bang 
The Koran on wave motion 
Islams Contributions to Science 
Islam takes on evolution

Answers in Genesis give IDiots credibility
Can creationists be scientists?
Genesis tells me the world is 6000 years old, how could I possibly be wrong
How do you solve a problem like Noah?
If you think this makes sense, please see a doctor
The proof against evolutionary theory
Is Evolution Impossible? Seriously Ken?

Creationist non-Trump Card: Evolutionary stasis 
Creationists and the meta-information fallacy
The Goldilocks Zone 
Aliens and creationism
Flawed radio dating by creationists shows the Earth is 6000 years old