Monday 16 May 2016

Korean Pastor kills daughter and hides it for a year

A pastor and his wife in South Korea will get sentenced to some serious prison time, although in my opinion not enough, for beating his thirteen year old daughter to death. To make matters even worse these twisted sickos went a step further by hiding the fact for a year. As such when the police finally went into the house they found the mummified remains of the child, it is believed from the autopsy and testimony that the child was beaten for between 5 to 7 hours with wooden sticks before succumbing.

The reason for the beating is unclear, with claims about stealing from the church collection plate to coming home late being possibilities. Frankly, I don't care  why it happened, as the reason was irrational and carried out by irrational people. To make matters worse, the sickos believed that if they continued to pray for their dead child that she would be resurrected. Yes, there are actually people that believe prayer works in this world, even when it has been shown to not work.

This pastor was not only a leader of a church, but also a professor of theology. So we can ask, is this social standing the reason why people looked the other way sand let a dead child go missing for a year? The answer as disturbing as it may be is probably yes. Probably, because pastors, imams and rabbis get away with crap like this all around the world, as people honestly believe they are coming from a position of higher morality even though the evidence suggests this is not the case. Surely this is reason enough for us to see that irrational beliefs in Gods are anything but good for a society.