Monday 9 May 2016

An ungodly waste of time

I am pro-choice.

These words while harmless to most can spark a rage which converts a nerdy scientist into a serial killer on the level of John Wayne Gacy. It is also reason why I mostly refuse to debate pro-life/anti-abortionists, as it shows a complete misunderstanding of what the position pro-choice, or pro abortion rights, actually means. In fact, I find debating anti-abortionists far more tedious and time consuming than debating any conspiracy theorist or rabid theist. On first glance the previous sentence may lead you to believe that this time consumption translates into fact based arguments and a debate that still has not been decided. However, the reason is far more simple.

Debating any anti-abortion proponent is like debating a whac-a-mole game. You will never get a real reason as to why said person is pro-life, instead your opponent will bounce around their pseudo science or non-researched views. Then when they have eventually have painted themselves into a corner, you will get told you don't understand the science or some other illogical rant and they will runaway and refuse to engage any facts. An example of the irrational that runs deep in these proponents is how they do not understand basic science, for example they will tell you that life begins at fertilization and that cell fusion (i.e. fertilization) is unique, while not realizing that cell fusion occurs not only in fertilization. At this point, no longer is fertilization special, and as such for life to be special it has to begin before fertilization?

I just wish anti-abortion proponents would give the real reason they are against abortion. How much easier it would be to debate someone who says I do not support abortion based on religious or misogynistic views. If you cannot admit that there is an emotional, or irrational, attachment to an issue then largely there is no reason to discuss an issue with you. All it does is show that you are not willing to engage in a conversation in a logical way. Just consider many atheists and their attacks on the Josh Duggar as a perfect example of irrational thought at use.

  Legal on request
  Legal for maternal life, health, mental health, rape, fetal defects, and/or socioeconomic factors
  Illegal with exception for maternal life, health, mental health, rape, and/or fetal defects
  Illegal with exception for maternal life, health, mental health, and/or rape
  Illegal with exception for maternal life, health, and/or mental health
  Illegal with no exceptions
  No informationxxxxxxxxxx

On a side note, everyone does have emotional attachments. However, we can try our best to engage these issues in a logical and honest way.