Friday 30 January 2015

Is it gods voice?

Charisma news always has some interesting insights into the mind and ideals of theists, but I do not believe they have ever published anything better than the article entitled "5 Ways to know if its gods voice". So I thought I would give the simplified answer to know if its gods voice.

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Simple, but lets also look at the methods they employ and see if there is any rationality behind them. After all, this is what you are meant to do even when the answer is obviously it is not gods voice but the schizophrenia or random thoughts speaking.

1) Test the origin (1 John 4:1).
1) Test the origin (1 John 4:1).
1) Test the Origin. Valid reasoning at which point you should demand the proof that there is in fact a god. After all if the origin is god, surely you need evidence that god exists. Unfortunately, this is not what they meant by test the origin.

2) Compare it to Biblical principles. Not very good reasoning at all, surely you have to have evidence which shows that the bible is the literal word of god first before you can compare it. That is assuming you have already made it past point one by proving that god actually exists and could be speaking to you.

3) Compare it to the names and character of God as revealed in the Bible. In other words if the voice is not telling you to go out and murder, pillage, or be a genocidal maniac, it is probably not in gods character. But then again, I have read the bible so maybe this point is for those Christians that only know the parts of the Bible that get thrown around in church every Sunday.

4) Test the fruit. This is one of those feel good type tests, basically saying if it feels good it is god and if it feels bad it is not god. Not sure how this is a good method to test anything after all it relies on your personal feeling and not evidence.

5) Share it with your spiritual counselors. The best advice so far. If these spiritual counselers have any normal thoughts you will at this point get transferred to a good psychiatric ward were you will get treated for delusions. Again this is unfortunately not what they meant, they meant just get confirmation from some other delusional people that it is in fact god.

In closing, some good advice if applied rationally. However, this article is all about showing you how to apply all the advice in the most insane and unhelpful way.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Social Justice and Atheism

This is something that came up the other day in a conversation with someone and so I thought it would make a good post. The person pointed out that atheism has been corrupted by social justice warriors (SJWs). To me this is completely absurd, as simply put  SJWs are not atheists. SJWs may be atheists, but they may be Christians or Buddhists or a myriad of other things. What is important to realize that SJWs are not representing atheism, as atheism is simply the rejection of the god claim.

So why do I feel its necessary to highlight this issue? Well the truth is that this is something that a lot of people seem not to get. Its an issue that many people need to understand especially as this idea can then get applied wrongly when it comes to religion. Its something Ben Affleck in fact did so brilliantly in his idiocy on the Bill Maher show. But let me elaborate with two examples.

This is my blog, and I often post about other things besides atheism such as evolution, politics, feminism etc. This does not mean in any way that my political, evolutionary and social views are representative of atheism. It means they are my views, and I just happen to be an atheist.

Secondly, consider the Atheism+ movement. This could be a movement which incorporates atheism plus murder and rape. This, does not mean atheism promotes murder and rape. It means these are atheists that are for murder and rape.

So how does this idea wrongly tie in with religion?

An easy example is to consider Islam. Muslims in non-Islamic/Sharia Law countries like to point out that Islam is the religion of peace. Yet the Koran is explicit in what it states should be done with the Infidel, i.e. kill them. This means that your religion is inherently based on concepts which modern society has deemed unacceptable. This means your religion is not peaceful no matter how you spin your sorry tale.

Or what about Christians? In Christianity it says explicitly homosexuality is a sin, and that homosexuals should get killed. This is unacceptable in modern day society. This means your religion is unacceptable in modern day society if you are not prepared to change it.

Atheism has one tenant, disbelief in a god. That is all there is to it.This is not inherently bad according to modern standards. Unless you are a theist that lives in the stone age, but guess what that is not modern.

Monday 26 January 2015

Pastor Anderson in a new lulz

Pastor Anderson recently he posted a new movie titled "Failure to Obey" which has to do with the idiotic idea of refusing to give your personal information to Border Patrol agents or police officers. It subsequently documents the tasing he received at a checkpoint when he was being his normal self. Now, there is too much in this video which shows what an arrogant and combative ignorant fool this pastor is. So, I thought I would highlight just a few points which should make you wonder how this essentially crazy person can actually be a person people look to for advice. If you want to understand the mindset of this person, then please feel free to watch the movie embedded below.

1) He requires evidence for belief.
The reason the officers wanted to check his car was due to a dog smelling something in his car. He then asks that they bring the dog back to prove the dog was interested in his car. This is the same guy that believes in a god with no evidence.

2) He is a liar.
He says they read him his rights while being detained after he was beaten and arrested. However, his own video evidence shows he was in the car when his rights got read to him.

He states that he hates to waste time. Yet, if you hate to waste time why did you sit in your car refusing to answer a simple question for over an hour?

3) He is ashamed of his beliefs.
This whole movie has to do with the power of being an American citizen. Yet for an American citizen and consitutionalist, he is really ashamed to admit that when asked the question "Are you and American?".

He does not want his sermons put into evidence against him. What he does not realize that these videos show a lot into a persons psyche, i.e. that he is a delusional person.

4) He is combative and sensationalist.
He talks about the law of the so called constitution free zone, then he continues to argue with the police officers. If you know the laws then you are explicitly being combative by disobeying the law.

You resisted arrest, as your rights were read to you. As such force was warranted. Anyone who watches the movie they will see you are an idiot who sat for an hour and a half in a car and then got tasered when in fact if you had got out of the car when asked you would have been home at least an hour earlier and not ended up in hospital, then jail, then court. This is combative and sensationalist, something your friend Andy Warhol would have been pleased with as you search for your 15 minutes of fame.

5) He is a danger.
You are a danger.Every time you make people tase you or break windows you are putting people in harms way. So yes the attorney was justified in allowing you not to leave the state when you were awaiting trial.


Lastly maybe some things you want to think about if you ever see this Pastor Anderson.

1) The police asked your name and you denied it. How would you like it if the police denied a request to help you when you are getting attacked as they just feel like not answering the phone. They just feel like doing the same thing that you do.

2) Why do you call people Nazis? Is it really necessary to insult people all the time when you are meant to be on the moral highroad. I insult you as you are an idiot and I am not claiming the high road.

Saturday 24 January 2015

King Abdullah is dead


He is dead, he labelled me a terrorist so there are no tears for the idiot on my part. Remember, this is someone that lead a government that oppressed women and did not believe in equality. Someone that believed Sharia law was a good thing.

Sorry, I really do not care if he is dead. The next person will be just the same, its like the Pope nothing changes except the sound bites.

Have a great weekend, maybe the next person to classify people that do not believe in god as terrorists will die just as quickly.

Maybe this tweet sums up Saudi Arabia and why we should not care about this fools death.

Friday 23 January 2015

Honor Killings

This week when I heard about the Cosmopolitan UK magazines honor killings cover, I was impressed and then severely disappointed all in the time it took me to read the article describing it. For those of you that have not seen the cover here it is.

The message behind this cover is to bring awareness to honor killings with particular reference to the suffocation of Shafilea Ahmed by her parents. Luckily the scum bag parents that murdered her for turning down a Pakistani suitor each got 25 years in prison. Those 25 years are not going to bring back Shafilea but it sends a message to the Islmatards that think honor killings is an acceptable way to deal with a person that has an opinion. Those wild and heinous opinions such as, "no I don't want to marry someone you think is a good match, I would rather choose my own husband."

So this cover had a good message, but..... It is just a concept cover and the actual cover features the normal glam and glitz that is Cosmopolitan. Its a pity that they went to such a great effort to create something that would have had even more impact if it had actually been printed that way. I say more impact, as it has had a lot of impact due to its media and social media presence around the world.

Honor killings are a real problem in the world and something that needs to be stamped down on in a big way. The UK sent these parents to 25 years in prison, but in Pakistan it may be a slap on the wrist or nothing. Perhaps more governments should take a stand and put sanctions up against countries that allow such barbaric things to happen without taking definitive action against it. The world stood against South Africa during Apartheid by placing sanctions on them, the world can stand against Islamic Extremism in countries that tolerate it.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Some people need help

Laws, they exist for a reason.

Pretty much everyone at some point will wonder why laws exist. In fact we will often not necessarily like the laws we live under. In fact, we may feel that at times they impede on our freedoms. So why do we have laws and why do I say they exist for a reason? In my opinion laws exist for the benefit of society in general. In fact I am pretty sure that most people would agree with this really simple explanation.

For example  in the country I reside in some people don't want to recycle. The one way the government gets recycling to happen is by applying a tax on trash bags yet recycling is a free service. So you can take your recycling to the closet recycling bins and you don't need to pay, or you can throw it away in the normal trash bags (about 1 USD for 20 liters). In effect this law (tax) is helping people not to pollute the environment by making them pay more to get recyclable trash not correctly discarded removed. In fact the law goes further than that, but for demonstration purposes I think it proves the point that laws exist to benefit everyone by creating a pollution free environment.

The above example may seem complex, so lets dumb it down and we see that there are also the simple rules like don't murder others. Its really not difficult to see that by not being able to kill others whenever you want, we are in fact creating a better society. I don't think I would be going out on a limb by saying that everyone reading this post would see that a do not murder law really is a simple and rational outcome.

So what else would be a rational simple law that benefits everyone? As I have suggested before, why don't governments everywhere ban religion as it stifles rational thinking? Some people just need help and this is why laws are a good thing. Perhaps, by banning religion we truly would be helping irrational people.

Monday 19 January 2015

According to Creationists this is not evolution.

There is this wrongly named evolutionnews website out there, which focuses exclusively on trying its best to debunk anything evolution. In fact the creationists who run it try their best to scour through evolution papers trying to show that evolution is wrong. Usually most things creationists do to try debunk evolution are amusing, but even I was surprised how far they went with this article. In fact I would say this really does show how far these people will go to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

These Creationists believe that due to a recent paper published in PNAS (Optimal resource allocation in cellular sensing systems) that evolutionary biologists are becoming more comfortable with the idea of intelligent design and its repercussions i.e. god. The reason given will astound you, they say this due to the fact that the article under discussion uses the term design 24 times in the paper. Unfortunately, what they do not understand is that the term design is used in terms of resource allocation in the cell to perform a task.  These authors are not advocating that an intelligent designer exists, in fact if you look for the words intelligent design and/or god that would be supporting creationism you will find there is nothing there. So why are these people so dishonest? The answer is simple,they have no evidence for themselves so they have to try hijack valid scientific evidence and abuse it to try forward their pseudo science agenda.

I think, this should also be a warning to scientists to make sure that they use correct language in publications. Anyone with a brain knows these scientists are not advocating for intelligent design when they use the word design. However, the IDiots do not have brains and they use their lies to influence other people who also lack critical thinking skills. Maybe a line in the manuscript saying "the use of design in this manuscript in no way forwards the pseudo scientific fraud theory of intelligent design also known as creationism" would go a long way in destroying the creationist movement.

Further than the misrepresentation presented by these creationists is that they then show their ignorance of evolution by spouting the following "Nothing is cheering the salmon on to fight its way miles up against the current. It would just as soon float downstream and go extinct. Same with E. coli."  However, there is a driving force. So in effect they are proposing a driving force for the fact that a salmon spawns upstream. This is good news as they admit there is a driving force that must exist for this to happen. Now biologists and people with brains call this process evolution and we have a multitude of evidence for it. On the other hand creationists provide god as the reason for this, yet to date there is zero proof for the existence of this driving force.

It would then surely make sense that evolution is correct? If not you truly are an IDiot.

Friday 16 January 2015

Chance or Miracle?

The other day something interesting happened. A blogger I read and I gather he reads my blog (otherwise this post would really be a miracle), both highlighted post from our respective blogs on the same day within a few hours of each other. Link and link.

This got me thinking about how this could be interpreted and how these interpretations can be used to show the difference between a skeptic and non-skeptic. As a skeptic their are a multitude of potential answers that one could give to this phenomenon happening, such as pure chance, pre-planned to promote each other, etc.

On the other hand the non skeptic would probably attribute it to a miracle. Which actually coincides well with a post on Christian Fatalism on said bloggers blog recently. So what is a miracle? According to Merriam Webster it is "an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God". For me, a miracle really is just another word used to say I don't like randomness so I assign some cause.

The main point to see here is that this was just chance. There was no pre-planning it just happened that way. In life  there are many such situations that occur on a daily basis, the difference is that the skeptic just accepts them as life. In contrast, the irrational mind may attribute it to something beyond our understanding such as a god.

Wednesday 14 January 2015

One good reason not to be a feminist

Before I have posted why I think being a feminist is not a good idea for the basic reason that it is an exclusive group. It dies not take much to come to the conclusion that feminism promotes one group over another. So when I came across a book printed by the feministpress, I just had to go take a look at the company who would associate themselves with such a label. Needless to say, what this company provided me with was a perfect reason not to be a feminist and if you are a feminist you need to be able to explain what I am about to share without screaming that I am a misogynist pig.

This company is according to their own words a company "that promotes voices on the margins of dominant culture and publishes feminist works from around the world, inspiring personal transformation and social justice." Now this is a valid statement,so then I have to wonder why the sell a book entitled "Valerie Solanas The Defiant Life of the Woman Who Wrote SCUM (and Shot Andy Warhol)". First off, I was interested as I respect what Warhol did with his Pop Ar and I wanted to know why someone would want to kill him. In the same way I read a book about Timothy McVeigh as I wanted to understand what drove a person to do something so sick.

This interest died however when I found out this is a biography glorifying a person who attempted to murder Andy Warhol and who according to  Robert Marmorstein on her release from prison, "dedicated the remainder of her life to the avowed purpose of eliminating every single male from the face of the earth."

Here are some passages from the book synopisis on the website. The book "addresses how this era changed the world, and depicts an iconic figure whose life is at once tragic and remarkable." or "Known for shooting Andy Warhol in 1968 and for writing the polemical diatribe SCUM Manifesto, Solanas is one of the most famous women of her era" Does this same theory make Mark Chapmann famous? Surely in fact he would be more famous as he actually killed John Lennon.

I will be upright and say, I have not read the book, but I think this review sums up that it does not focus on why she tried to kill someone. "Rather than focusing on the Warhol shooting, Fahs gives a refreshing degree of weight to not only SCUM Manifesto—and its contribution to the birth of radical feminism"

So, I was wondering? Is this the type of people you want to embrace and aspire to be like? If you answer no, then maybe you don't want to use the label feminist either.

Then again I may just be a misogynist pig who wants to stay alive and not be eliminated by crazies that think like Solanas.

Monday 12 January 2015

Protecting your Omnipotent God

If you read the title and stop and re-read it then I am glad as it shows that you see the inherent problem with this title. Its a problem that all theists however do not see, and the effect of this can be deadly as seen recently in Paris or it can be complete stupidity as seen in Paris as well not so long ago when Venner blew his head off. In fact, I could probably go through a large majority of the posts on this blog and point out that a lot of the stupidity that occurs in theism is due to believers protecting their omnipotent god. So lets stop and look at a definition to see if this makes any sense at all.

Omnipotence: is the quality of having unlimited power. This trait is usually attributed to monotheistic gods.

Now generally, to anyone with have a brain the key word here is unlimited. Unlimited power literally means that this person or god can do anything they want. So, in other words simply stated there is no reason to defend your offended god, because if your god is offended really he/she/it can take care of itself. If you still do not believe me, her is an analogy that should make sense.

I weigh 90 kilograms and cannot fight, on the other hand Mike Tyson weighs 100 kilograms and can fight really well. Would it make sense for me to defend Mike Tyson against someone the same weight as me who has no fighting skills?

Now, I am sure there is some stupid apologetic excuse for all of this. But the fact remains if you defend your omnipotent god then you are admitting one thing, and that is that your god is not omnipotent. Clearly this does not hold for polytheists as you cannot hold the belief that multiple gods are omnipotent, as by definition this is an impossibility.

In conclusion, there really is nothing else to say on the matter. You are either stupid and don't understand this. Or you are a rational person who does not believe a god is omnipotent, which means you should not believe in the first place.

Friday 9 January 2015

When you wish you could be a fly on a wall.

Sometimes, things happen that just bring a smile to your face, this is one of those times. So, it is with utmost pleasure that I am proud to bring the news that Mia Khalifa is PornHub's biggest Porn Star. The reason this announcement brings such a smile to my face (and hers due to all the extra publicity) is because of all the Islma-tards that are reacting so badly over this. I mean sending death threats and telling her they want to slit her throat is depressing, but the fact is she is famous for Porn and they really really don't like that. The question that gets me though, is how do they even know about her? My guess would be that those dirty Mullahs and Islama-tards are secretly downloading and browsing these multiple porn sites and felt offended that she has an Arabic tattoo or that she wore a Hijab in one of her Porn scenes.

To celebrate Mia here are some non x-rated photos which should make you feel proud of the way she has been causing havoc for the secret websurfing porn loving Islama-tards.

To Mia I congratulate you on a job well done, and keeping sticking it to the Islama-tards. Okay not in that way, seriously get your mind out the gutter.

Thursday 8 January 2015

My reaction to the Charlie Hedbo murders

The Islamatard terrorists yesterday went and murdered twelve people and injured others at Charlie Hedbo in Paris. This is probably to do with the fact that the satirical newspaper would not stand down from poking fun at Islam, the pedophile Muhammad and all of the other stupid shit Islam does.

In honor of these brave journalists I decided to put some pictures up to send my "Fuck you to the Islamatards that think its okay to kill someone for making fun of imaginary sky gods." The Religion of Peace? Fuck Islam.

And of course lest we not forget, lets put a picture of the most frightening thing to any Muslim out there.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Pastor Anderson a royal twit

I know I am not the first atheist blogger (thanks to VJack at Atheist revolution for turning me onto this) to write about Pastor Anderson, and I am also sure I will not be the last. It seems this idiot has a knack of ruffling peoples feathers.In fact if you have not seen his theatrical masterpiece "AIDS: the Judgment of God", I would suggest you see a doctor first to make sure you do not have heart problems. Any person with a heart problem and intelligence  could actually have a heart attack watching the stupidity that is Anderson.

In fact, I was seething about 2 seconds into the feature failure when his JayZ wannabe narrator was yelling at me that A.I.D.S used to be called G.R.I.D (Gay-related immune deficiency). Now while this is true, why is it relevant? It is only relevant if you are a homophobe. Simply put, it was a name assigned to a disease that had unknown origins and then when they actually worked out what it was it got a name change to the more apt A.I.D.S. (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Acquired instead of gay-related as guess what not only gay people get it. In fact the chances are that it originated in some of the more homophobic parts of Africa by jumping host from monkeys to humans. Maybe we should be more true to its origins and call it Straight people that eat monkeys immune deficiency syndrome, although the acronym S.P.E.M.I.D.S. I don't think will ever catch on.


Lastly, I should add here that more importantly  A.I.D.S. is caused by a virus called H.I.V. or human immunodeficiency virus, not gay immunodeficiency virus. But then again Pastor Fruitcake does not care about facts, after all if he did he would actually present scientific evidence for his god and this gods homophobic stance.

So that was 2 seconds into this mockumetary documentary. If you want to be inflamed more at this homophobes stance please feel free to watch the movie below.

Now, there have been certain new reports etc. that have said he is preaching hate in his church which could lead to violence. I will be honest, I disagree with these reports as he says very clearly in the failure that he does not want people to go and kill gays, see the video below.

However, I will also add that he also will not accept any homosexuals into his church. So, yes he does not want to kill gays, but he also does not want them around. The problem is this fool is not teaching hate, but he is very smart in the way he phrases things. So yes, he would never kill any homosexuals, but he could speak so much trash into someones mind that they may do it for him.

Monday 5 January 2015

I am surprisingly tolerant

This is probably a post that multiple atheists will feel some relation too. Its also a post that most theists will adamantly disagree with. It's simple really, yet the statement may catch many unawares.

I am very tolerant of theists.

This realization came to me recently after dealing with some religious problems, or should I say problems caused by religions. The truth of the matter is that I did not feel as much anger as I should have felt towards the situation as I thought "this is expected". In effect I was giving this a pass as I expected the religious problem to be idiotic and childish. This is tolerance, why should religious adults be treated different to other adults? Is it just because I know they will do stupid shit?

Do we give other people who make errors on their taxes a pass, even  when they don't know all the rules? Do we allow a drunken driver who killed a pedestrian to walk free, as it was his first time? No, we treat these adults that are acting like idiots and children (no disrespect to children) like adults with full mental capacity. The same should hold for religious idiots that do stupid things in the name of religion, such as killing their children due to beliefs. Or even, if these fools are doing something simple like hurting themselves (i.e praying for money when they could be working) we should be able to criticize them and make them wake up to reality.

I said in the beginning of this post that I am tolerant of theists, I can tell you know that is going to change, or at least I am going to try my darndest.

Friday 2 January 2015

Bob Larson on Skype

Its a new year, and I feel I should bring some joy to some people who perchance do not know this story. As it is rather old, so I gather most atheists and atheist bloggers would know about it. But, on the off chance, did you know that you can get an exorcism done on Skype?

Yes, Bob Larson has taken the whole stupidity of exorcisms to a whole new level by now cashing in on it on what he calls his Skype encounters.  As if its not bad enough that he is cashing in on his daughter and her friends by making them into something which is akin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In fact, Brynne Larson and her friends (Savannah  and Tess Scherkenback) even has here own website nowadays. Maybe she is as smart and deceiving as daddy Bob and is cashing in on peoples stupidity as well.


But, what if you have no skype? Never fear, if you cannot afford the Internet or a computer you also have the option of just having a normal phone call exorcism. Apparently, the criteria for a demon exorcism is not to stringent? Or should I say the desire for money by Bob is not so stringent, he literally will do anything to defraud people out of their money.

Truthfully, I would really like to have an encounter on Skype with Bob, unfortunately I do not have that amount of money. Here, is what CNN had to say about it. Honestly, I think the guy getting exorcised was playing a joke on Bob as it seemed pretty amusing.
While, this should make you chuckle. It really is sad that this is still going on in this day and age when mental illness (for one) is a real thing.