Friday 24 October 2014

Something has got to give

Usually this spot, nay this day and time, is assigned to the idiot of the week. Unfortunately I am retiring idiot of the week. Its not because I think there are no religious idiots around anymore, and its not because some religious people do not understand what I mean when I use the term idiot of the week.

Its basically, that I am under a lot of pressure career wise now, and so I don't have time to dedicate to idiot of the week.Hopefully, sometime in the future I can return to having a weekly segment. But for now, its just going to be me writing when I have time and scheduling posts a week or more in advance. For this reason, the idiot of the week may be completely irrelevant by the time it shows up on the blog and so I decided to just scrap it for now.

Additionally, to this my blogging may take a set back. But I will try still post 3 times a week. But if it becomes more sporadic, its not that I have disappeared its just that I am busy. Enjoy the posts planned for the near future and hopefully I can knock some more out soon, so that you will not even know I am missing.