Friday 31 October 2014

Deeprak Chopra answers questions he can't answer

I made a mistake and went over to Deeprak Chopra's website to see what he is up to. Needless to say, within one click on his website, I knew I had made a bad mistake and let me share with you why.

In an interview with Kyra Phillips of CNN (not sure if this was for CNN or independent), Deeprak got asked the question, what is reality?

Of course he was quick to point out that this is an open question. Fine I can live with that. I mean, the no answer is okay if you don't know and the reality question is a deeply philosophical question. Just as a side note, the question of what is reality does not allow you to insert God, the correct answer is we don't know.

Anyway Deeprak then went on a tangent to try explain what reality is. I say I think anyway as he is hard to follow. He began by asking two question which he said are open ended. They are  "Whats the universe made of?" and "Whats the biological basis of consciousness?".

So, according to Deeprak, whats the universe made of?

We, don't know is his answer. Apparently, its an open question.

Yet, he then says that dark energy is at least 70 % of the universe. Then of the 30 % left 25 % is dark matter and the other 5% is matter. This answer is correct, so why does he  contradict himself. He said we don't know what the universe is made of then goes on to explain its made of dark energy, dark matter and matter. This means you know, you answered your own question

Thankfully, we did not to have to hear Deepraks answer to the question, whats the biological basis of consciousness?

But I am pretty sure he is incorrect when he says this is open ended, as everyday we are getting closer and closer to understanding brain signals and the effects they have on this thing that we call consciousness.But here is a review article from Frontiers in Psychology if you do not believe me.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Spam mail from god

Recently, I have noticed that spam mail from the most handsome princes in Nigeria have been going through a gradual change. Either these idiots have finally worked out that people are not that gullible or they have learnt there is already gullible prey out there. With this in mind I present to you the message I got from the lovely Madame Wrede. Who in Jesus name would never lie to me about the money after all she just wants to use it for good will, and she prayed about it. Its me who has been chosen by God to undertake this mission, thats right God has chosen the atheist to undertake this mission of goodness for god.

Dear friend,

Please I will like you to consider accepting this my proposal despite that it will be surprising to you since we have not known or written before, I prayed over it before contact you as the spirit directed, and I Believe that you are a reputable and trust worthy person that I can confide in, I must not hesitate to confide in you for this sincere project. My name is Madam Ulla Wrede 56 years old Swedish. I am currently admitted in the hospital for a treatment of a brain tumor which I have been suffering for 8 years now. In fact I am contacting you because I want to make a humanitarian gesture to the location of all sensitive souls. My late husband and I had mobilized a small fortune that we want to invest in humanitarian works. But considering my health condition now, I can no longer fulfill this project by myself. I want you to complete this project on my behalf. I am contacting you after my few daily prayers with believing that you are God's chosen one to complete this project in good faith. For a favorable opinion, please get back to me for more information because I may not be able to visit anymore.

Be blessed in the name of our Lord.

Madam Ulla Wrede

On a more serious note though, how many people are taken in by similar tripe every week in churches around the world. People that get told they are gods chosen warriors and they should give handsomely to the church so that they can (insert random act of goodness here). Its sad that the Nigerian Prince scam has changed to hunting on the already gullible, as surely some of those contacted will actually fall for it. After all, if the person contacting you was told by god in prayer what could the receiver be told by god in prayer?

Monday 27 October 2014

The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice

I have addressed the idiocy that is Saudi Arabia multiple times, but I have never addressed the idiocy that is central to the stupidity that runs through that nation. This stupidity comes from that wonderful core group called The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

Basically, their job is to act as Allah's protector. In other words Allah (like all other gods) is so useless that he/she/it cannot keep things under control that a squad of miscreants need to be employed to enforce things like dress code, sexual decency and prayer among many others. Also, these are the guys are ready to arrest you if they find out that you are a atheist terrorist in Saudi Arabia. After all we know that Allah is the only god, and in fact all the other religions are just wrongly labeling their gods incorrectly when they use words like Shiva, Yahweh, Xenu etc.

So here is a short list (click here for some other fun ones) of things that may land you in jail in Saudi Arabia if these idiots see you doing them.
Celebrating Valentines day.
Having a beer.
Speaking to a lady you are not related too.
Owing a Barbie Doll.

Here are things that will definetelly get you arrested and then probably a little head chopping off.
Gay sex.
Sex before marriage.
Smoking Pot.
Urinating on the Kaaba.

No, this is not people flocking to use the toilet.

Then again, what do I know I am a terrorist after all.

Friday 24 October 2014

Something has got to give

Usually this spot, nay this day and time, is assigned to the idiot of the week. Unfortunately I am retiring idiot of the week. Its not because I think there are no religious idiots around anymore, and its not because some religious people do not understand what I mean when I use the term idiot of the week.

Its basically, that I am under a lot of pressure career wise now, and so I don't have time to dedicate to idiot of the week.Hopefully, sometime in the future I can return to having a weekly segment. But for now, its just going to be me writing when I have time and scheduling posts a week or more in advance. For this reason, the idiot of the week may be completely irrelevant by the time it shows up on the blog and so I decided to just scrap it for now.

Additionally, to this my blogging may take a set back. But I will try still post 3 times a week. But if it becomes more sporadic, its not that I have disappeared its just that I am busy. Enjoy the posts planned for the near future and hopefully I can knock some more out soon, so that you will not even know I am missing.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

I understand your faith, do you understand my evidence

This is a challenge to any theist that happens to stumble across this page. This applies particularly to theists that want to debate me.

A long time ago, I used to be a Christian and I had faith. (Sometimes to absurd levels)

So when you tell me I just need to have faith then I will understand your arguments please realize I know what you mean. In fact, I sometimes wish life was just as easy as having faith. Then I could have faith in a god and hope that everything will come right when I have challenges in life i.e. I have faith it will just change. BTW, yes I realize I am simplifying this a lot, remember I was a Christian. However, the central argument remains the same and that is just have faith.

Now, I am no longer a Christian and I believe evidence.

Then all started  when I began questioning contradictions in the Bible among other things. It lead me to apply critical thinking to questions and not take anything on faith. So much so that I know that if I need to change something in my life, I cannot just believe it will happen I have to go out and work on it i.e. I have no faith it will just change.

So, when you say "if you had faith you would understand", I truly do understand what you are saying. You have to realize that I believe this is irrational, just as I believe someone who claims aliens abducted them is irrational.

My challenge to you is this then, how about you really critically look at the evidence I present and not just regurgitate apologetic answers. After all I understand your view, why don't you try understand mine?

Monday 20 October 2014

Aliens and creationism

So we all know creationists are crazy right? Well turns out that they are not just crazy but they are not very nice people either according to It turns out that creationists have opinions on aliens as well as us mere humans. What struck me about this article was two things. The first is just shocking and the second actually throws out a testable claim. This testable claim has not been shown to be true, but I am sure the creationists will spin some sob tale and claim misinterpretation when and if it happens.

So did you know that all aliens, if they exist are doomed to burn in hell? Turns out that they must burn in hell as after all they were infected by original sins curse just like us when Adam and Eve decided to go against Gods will an eat that metaphorical literal fruit. Its creationists so clearly its a literal fruit (probably an apple) that gave Adam and Eve all this vast knowledge to build things like Noah's Ark and the Tower of Babel.

"Therefore, any ETs living elsewhere would have been (unjustly) affected by the Adamic Curse through no fault of their own—they would not have inherited Adam’s sin nature."

Dam, this god guy seems pretty petty. In fact you do not need to move off of Earth to see that this original sin idea is really petty. I am glad to at least see that the creationists realize that it is unjust. I gather they feel confident to say this startling fact is unjust, as they know for sure that there is no other life in our universe. Which brings us to the testable claim which will certainly be misintrepreted by us evil rational thinkers  one day.

Here is what the creationists say about life on other planets if we ever had to find something like a bacteria.
"If bacteria are found elsewhere in the solar system, it will be hailed as proof that life can ‘just evolve’. However, we have previously predicted in print that in such an unlikely event, the organisms will have earth-type DNA, etc., consistent with having originated from here as contaminants—either carried by recent man-made probes, or riding fragments of rock blasted from Earth by meteorite impacts."

This is great, as here we have creationists claiming that if we find any simple life anywhere in the universe that does not have origin on Earth, then the logical conclusion from their claim is that their god does not exist. Remember, it does not have to even be intelligent life, they deny the existence of simple life. That means all of these idiots that believe in the Ken Ham style creationism have to give up their faith if bacetria is ever found on another planet except earth.This is also the reason why I say us skeptics will be told we are misinterpreting the evidence.

So there you have it Creationisms take on aliens, or should I say their knowledge that their is certainly no chance of ever finding any type of life anywhere in the entire solar system.


I have a feeling that if their are any intelligent life forms out there in the universe reading this blog, they are also face palming like me.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Oh, so you a naturalist....

The topic of naturalism is something that I think I am perfectly equipped to deal with in the context of what I am going to write about today. Why, do I believe I have the ability to talk so eloquently about this subject? Well, because I actually am completely clueless about the philosophy of Naturalism. In fact, because I am in no way an authority, this makes this post even more rational.

It seems that when you are debating theists that they have a profound ability of shifting the Burden of Proof or throwing in irrelevant topics. In fact the one that irritates me most is when I am debating the concept of a god, then my opponent will throw out the question or assertion, "Oh, so you are a naturalist". Hang on a minute. What does this have to do with god? All you are doing is shifting the burden of proof away from the main topic of the debate. Essentially, you are playing the card that because an atheist does not believe in the supernatural that they cannot understand your argument. Well, that's just a dumb argument. Of course any atheist rejects the supernatural. It is your burden of proof to logically show that a supernatural god exists.

So for simplification lets put it this way. When you are debating theism, the opposing view is atheism. When you are debating naturalism, the opposing view is supernaturalism (or a-naturalism). These are not the same topic and while they do flow into each other at times. It is disingenuous to shift the debate topic away from the central argument.

Your thoughts?

As a side note: I am really trying to understand more about naturalism and the philosophy surrounding it.

Friday 17 October 2014

Idiot of the week - Juan McFarland

The idiot of the week segment while demanding always offers a few surprises and WTF moments. This week is one of those weeks where I am not even sure where to begin. I really am clueless as how to interpret this idiot of the week, as there seems to be so much wrong with it.

Firstly, Pastor Juan McFarland you are a colossal idiot for having sex with people when you knew you had HIV. Here, is me hoping you at least wrapped that godly penis of yours in a condom while you were having sex.Oh, did I mention he was having sex with members of his congregations, which brings me to the next point.

How does a pastor who is meant to be all holy get to sleeping with some of his congregation. And for that matter, why are some people from this congregation having sex with the pastor in the first place? I always though that Christianity was about abstinence unless you are married. Then again I suppose it also makes these people more blessed as they are listening to their pastor as he tells them to get down with him.

Like I said, just so much wrong with this story. But just what you would expect when you tune in for the idiot of the week.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Porn is not a problem

Preamble: This is probably a post that should create some discussion, so I am mentally preparing myself for it.

Something I have never been able to comprehend, when I was a Christian and then after that probing through the various religions trying to make sense of the fact that there is no god is the following question. Is pornography bad? Now I am not saying that you should expose children to the world of pornography at a early stage, we all know it happens eventually and usually out of parental control anyway when a friend sneaks in the latest copy of (insert graphic magazine title here).

Seriously look at these two interviews. They are fascinating.... (all these videos do not contain nudity, maybe some blurring but nothing too graphic, they are interviews). I realize the are long so scroll down if you want the short version of my analysis.

So let me ask again how can porn be bad? Seriously, these two girls have done everything they needed and have a bright career ahead. They have made absurd amounts of money, invested wisely and progressed into other careers to make even more money. Additionally, they have no regrets. Granted, this is not the way it ends for all porn stars. Then again, not every business venture succeeds some will fail and some will make it. Thats how it works that is life. So, seriously whats wrong with porn? Nothing in my opinion.

The only reason I can see someone as being anti-porn is if they are an extreme theist who wants to control how people spend their time sexually. This itself makes no sense, as why is anyone so preoccupied with what is happening in other peoples sex lives unless you have some serious sexual issues yourself.  you have no reason.

Granted sometimes people can get AIDS etc, but as with everything you do risks exist. Here is a video that tells you what risks people take when they do porn. They know this, so seriously this is not an excuse. Its just simple cause and effect.

Monday 13 October 2014

The Goldilocks Zone

The Goldilocks Zone:is the region around a star within which planetary-mass objects with sufficient atmospheric pressure can support liquid water at their surfaces.


This idea of Goldilocks zone is something that creationists and other theists like to throw around as if it is meant to impress people. So much so that if you go to you will learn some truly amazing facts about the Earth which should leave you no doubt that the Earth was created by Yahweh.

There is the amazing facts that water is liquid as the Earth's orbit is just the right distance from the Sun. Except they don't mention that water does not necessarily have to melt at 0 Celsius or boil at 100 Celsius. Maybe they don't understand the true meaning of the term Goldilocks Zone, as a brief look at it will show you that its a lot more complex than just liquid water as we know it on Earth. The only way this argument works is if you apply special pleading, which is a fallacy.

Then of course the Earth spins so that the most of the Earth gets sun everyday. Naturally, I am not impressed by this explanation, as if it was not like that we would not have life to consider this question in the first place.Or the Earth's axis is tilted to provide seasons for seasonal plants or trees? Seriously? If thats a reason for God, then why do we have non-seasonal trees and plants.

But it gets even more ridiculous. Apparently solar eclipses occur so we can be inspired by God, as the Moon and Sun are just the right size for eclipses to occur. What tripe! It really seems to me to take anything seriously by these IDiots you need a lobotomy. 

The thing that amuses me more about this article, and its special pleading, is that we are consistently finding life forms on Earth that could occur on other planets. Such as recently has been shown in an article published (subscription only) where they found a microbial ecosystem beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Whats interesting about these microbes is that they have no need for sunlight, which is nothing new. They get their energy from chemical processes (chemoautotrophy) that does not require photosynthesis. They also are able to live in liquid water at a temperature of -0.49 Celsius. Its as if these microbes are saying we don't care about your Goldilocks zone. In fact the authors say these types of microbes could be found under the ice packs on Mars. Now that is speculation, but its not irrational speculation considering what they found.

Disclaimer: Before anyone asks, I am not making a case for aliens I am merely saying that the likelihood of any form of life on another planet is possible. This is possible in the so called "Goldilocks" zone, as the habitable zone may be extended when you consider extreme life forms.

Sunday 12 October 2014

God's not dead a belated very short review

Cinematography, plot, dialog, continuity, everything can be summed up by this picture.

Oh and to the Christians who think I am biased let it be known that I did enjoy Noah.

Friday 10 October 2014

Idiots of the week - Archbishop of York and Jeremy Pemberton

This week the idiots of the week are the central people involved in what I consider one of the most bizzare cases in recent history (i.e. since last week), as it defies what I would think is logic.

Logic: the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference.

Basically, Jeremy Pemberton is a gay man who is now ex-clergy after he married the love of his life. Now I do find this weird that the church has only  recently found out that he is gay and as such have determined him inadequate of doing a job, after all they mention this is a long time partner. But they also do have every right to kick him out of the church as according to their own words "same sex marriage was clearly at variance with the teaching of the Church of England". So the church are bigoted an idiots for that, they also are idiots for not realizing this guy was gay in the first place. In effect this is an explosion of irrational thought on all fronts. There is a clear lack of coming to the correct inference on multiple fronts.

Why would a clergyman who knows how the church perceives gay marriage go and get married to his partner? In fact why would a gay person remain in an organization that promotes homophobia? This is irrational and while the church has behaved correctly, that they claim to only now know about the clergyman's sexuality I find very hard to believe. In my opinion, I am of the opinion that the fault falls squarely at both parties feet.

This whole stry just idiotic. It does not mean I support the church in their homophobic stances, but I don't think Pemberton has been extremely intelligent in his choices either.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Why can't we call theists stupid?

Recently, I was listening to my backlog of The Atheist Experience, and in show no 882 the hosts talked about that atheists should not call theists stupid. So, I disagreed and thought I would give my opinion why I disagreed.

Generally, I realize it is bad form to call someone stupid when they make a bad decision based on erroneous information, or my favorite, saying something without due thought. After all this person may have an IQ like Einstein or be walking around with 6 PhD's. Although, I will be the first to admit that IQ is not a true test of what people call smart. However, everyone makes mistakes and when we do we should be able to call that person stupid. I even call myself stupid when I make a mistake.

So let me ask again. Why can't we call theist's stupid? If this person has never been confronted with any evidence whatsoever for the lies, paradoxes, irrational thought, inaccurate history that religions portray, then I agree calling them stupid is not the best idea. But lets be frank, those are not the people atheists are calling stupid. We are calling the people stupid who cling to their beliefs after more explanations than a child requires to learn how to use the toilet properly.

So in conclusion, just as we call some people crazy for believing in UFOs we should be able to call some people stupid for their belief in a god.

Here is an interesting documentary on the word stupid and its implications. It's very long, so all you need to know is that the first step to recovery like with most things is admitting you are wrong and accepting you acted stupidly.

Monday 6 October 2014

Anesthesia - just a thought

We live in a time where medical advances are happening in leaps and bounds. We are living in an age where diseases like cancer can be cured. We are living in an age that is extremely advanced, yet it seems that some basic medical concepts are still not understood.

Often this misunderstanding is used deliberately to either gain money, or publicity. However, there are other times that people get plain duped into believing rubbish. A perfect example is the recent Joan Rivers death, which had merits for medical malpractice and then also idiocy in some other claims. Now while I agree, that if the doctor was not registered to be working in the operating theater there is a case for medical malpractice (not of the doctor but of the clinic). I also agree that that if the doctor took a selfie with his patient, then there is reason to sue the doctor for malpractice.

But to try sue the doctor for doing an unauthorized biopsy is just stupid. Now let me explain why, as this is simple math and is something that I wish a lot more people understood. Every time you go under general anesthesia you can die, albeit that the chance is very small.

So, if the doctor took a biopsy (which needed general anesthesia to do) while his patient was under general anesthesia, then in effect the doctor has done the math that this is in fact a safer option even without consent. The doctor has in effect decreased the chance of death by anesthesia by half. Now, was it unauthorized? Yes. Was it smart to do it? Yes. Is the outcome desired? No. On balance, was it the best option? Yes.

Its math, its simple. Its something I just wish more people understood.

Sunday 5 October 2014

Human rights are incompatible with religion

The UN charter on human rights maintains that every one has the right to religion and to practice their religion. To show this I have copied the necessary parts of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Article 2:
"Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. "
and then Article 18:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance."

But this is absurd as religion is incompatible with the human rights when one is allowed to manifest their religions. This is why I am strongly of the opinion that religion should not be a human right. With this in mind let me elaborate for you here why I think this is a very logical conclusion to come to.

Basically put, every religion has a different view on human rights that run counter to the Declaration of Human Rights. If these religions have views that run counter to human rights then surely this disqualifies them from actually being a human right. Lets elaborate on this by looking at a specific example and the views of the three big Abrahamic religions.

Women are considered half a man according to the Koran, Surah 2:282. This means Islam is at direct opposites of the human rights charter which states "Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women". How can men and women be equal when a women is considered half a man?

Christianity in the same way teaches women to subject themselves to men in 1 Peter 3:1. This again is in direct opposition to the declaration.

As for Judaism, well they believe the same that women are but subjects to men, in fact women want to be bossed around by men, as we see in Genesis 3: 16. Does anyone else see a human rights problem with this.

So this is just ,one example of human rights incompatibility with religion. There are multiple further examples like slavery, unlawful arrest (atheists in Saudi Arabia), marriage, free speech, etc.

So why is religion considered a human right when it is clearly incompatible? Is it because religion has a privileged status in society? I think the simple answer is yes. These are the reasons that I believe give me a strong enough case to show that religion is not a right. In fact, I think anyone with half a brain can see that they are incompatible.

If you are a theist and disagree please feel free to tell me why.

Friday 3 October 2014

Idiot of the week - Lesego Daniel

I would like to thank Sean McGuire at My Secret Atheist for turning me onto this story.

Its not that often I get to talk about the stupidity that is theism in South Africa. Not that it does not happen, its just not that easy to always find among the other major problems that exist there. So it is with a certain amount of glee and a serious dosage of despair that I award Pastor Lesego Daniel of the Rabboni Center Ministries as idiot of the week. If this name somehow rings a bell, then your memory does not fail as this is the same fool that was getting his church members to eat grass earlier this year. Or the man that makes inedible trees edible so much so that he gets people to eat leaves.

So what has he done now you may ask?
He has gone and convinced his congregation that he can turn petrol (gasoline) into pineapple juice. But why stop there?

He then has people come up from the crowd to enjoy a bit of refreshing pineapple juice themselves. Now either this man is incredible with sleight of hand, or he is a mean son-of-a-bitch that deserves to get some bush justice done to him.The problem is worse in South Africa in that the police don't have time to investigate people willingly drinking petrol, what with a high crime rate. He is more than likely going to have to kill someone before anything gets done. Its a sad state of affairs, lets hope that justice finds him before he hurts anyone else.

Below is the video if you have the time to witness stupidity.
Oh and it comes with a warning that says "If you cannot turn water into wine, please do not try this." Silly me thinking that this man cannot turn petrol into pineapple juice.
For about 5:20 - 9:00  minutes the real crazy happens, he even gets the other pastor to drink it.

Pastor Lesego Daniel you are an idiot.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

I got told I am going to hell .......... again

Recently, I wanted to debate a Christian, who is always so verbose and angry, on the topic they suggested namely "God loves you". Anyway turns out that when I offered my services and even acknowledged that I would use the Bible as evidence in my arguments. Apparently being civil and an atheist did not amuse this person, maybe its a contradiction in their mind?

Below is the tirade that followed, and after reading this I am sure you will understand why I don't even bother anymore with this person anymore.

(Red is the color of Christian rage, Blue is some side commentary added since the exchange.)

After you prove that you are not going to burn in Hell, I will give you any debate challenge you ask for. Untill you prove you are not going to burn in Hell, I think it will be a waste of time trying to reason with you. Sorry.

 I am not going to burn in hell.

There is no hell for me to burn in. In fact, there is zero evidence whatsover for hell. If you say I will burn in hell then you should back up the funny threat with some facts.

Now debate me?

Granted, this was not a good argument. I just wanted to point out that its not me that has to prove hell exists. I am saying I don't believe as there is no evidence to believe.

Prove that you are not going to burn in Hell. Give me the evidence that you think you have found. Show me proof that you are not going to burn in Hell. By your words, I can see that you are one of the people who Jesus said will be tormented in Hell. Maybe you will get saved from it. For now, I believe Jesus and not you, and according to your own words, based on what Jesus said, I know you are on your way to Hell and you are going to wake up there and know that you were wrong.

Not sure what Bible this is, where Jesus talks about people burning in Hell?

Prove to me that you are not going to burn in Hell. Prove to me that there is no evidence for Hell. There is only one way you can prove that. Don't be a fool.
I really don't want you to do it. I already know Hell is real. Don't be a fool trying to prove it is not. Oh well, I guess you are proud of your foolishness. Sorry. I guess there is nothing I can do for you. I'm hear if you want to talk. God loves you. I'm sorry you prefer to believe that He does not care or that He hates you or that He is not there. You can believe Hell is not real...for now. You find this funny? you are insane.

 Do you understand the concept of burden of proof?

Simple enough yes and no question you would think?

Do you understand the concept of how you are going to prove Hell is not real? The burden in on you to prove it is not real and you are not going there. I say it is real and you are going there. I don't have to prove that. I cannot prove it. It will be proven to you if you don't believe it before it's too late. You are free to try your whole life long to prove Hell is not real. When you wake up in it, you will have the proof of its reality which you say is not there. God said it is where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched and the smoke of their torments will rise forever. If you don't believe God, that's your problem, not mine.

When you prove Hell is not real, I wiill give you any debate you like and I will concede the win to you every time. If you get saved from Hell, and there is only one way, by the Saviour, I will forfeit and concede to you every debate we engage in on DDO from the tirme you get saved forward.

Either way, if you prove Hell is not real, I will give you all the debates you want and I will conede every win to you.

If you get saved from Hell, I will give you every debate you want and concede loss in every one.

Apparently, us atheists are easy to bribe back into the faith. Just offer us some free debate wins?

The burden of proof is on you. I'm waiting for you to prove there is no Hell. Let me know when you have fullfilled your burden of proof on this subject. I believe Jesus. I don't believe you. He proved His Word, He will prove His Word, and He does prove His Word. His Word never has, never does, and never will fail.
You prove nothing except you prove that you think you know more than you know.

Quit being dense and making me repeat myself. I am not interested in debating you untill you either prove Hell is not real or you get saved from it. Let me know when you have the proof that Hell is not real. When do you think you will be able to say for sure that Hell is not real? If you say you are sure now, I say you are a fool and/or a liar or both. Proud and brave, but not smarter than the average bear. A bear knows how to be a bear. God made you to be like Him, but you only know how to be agaisnt Him like a devil, so the bear is smarter than you. The bear does what God made it to a bear. You do garbage which God did not make you for.

Tanks for reading all this. I'm having fun mocking your self-assured false confidence asserting you know you are safe for all eternity.

Finally some honesty, the admitting of the thinly veiled mocking. As if I didn't realize this.

I hope you are having fun. From what I see of atheists on this site and in the world in general, they are not happy people. They hate God and they hate His judgements agaisnt Him. They think death is an escape from lifes problems.

Yeh being an atheist is horrible. Not living with guilt or fear is definitely horrible.

All you have is death. You are dying a long slow death counting down your time untill it runs out at the end of the countdown. Then you see where you will be for eternity. I will be with Jesus. The way you are trying to justify yourself, you will be justifed to exist by the fire of Hell which shows God's right to rule over you and He will not be sorry for you after you finalize your death after He took your death on the cross so that you coudl be free from Hell and have eternal life. For now, you are a child of Hell and you are bound and determined that you know it is not there.


This Fool requires some proof for what has just been stated. I mean at least one sliver of evidence.

Interesting ridicule etc.

Just a question. Which version of the Bible do you use and do you believe that God is omnipotent and omniscient?

If you can answer these questions truthfully. I can prove that God (never mind Hell) does not exist.

BTW: I hope you don't mind I use the previous message for my blog. I will not use names, I just think my readers would enjoy it.

Again, just some simple questions and an assertion of what I am prepared to show to this person.

What makes you think I believe God is omnipotent and omnicient? Is that what you think God is supposed to be? Are you afaid God knows all your secrets? Are you afraid He has the right to let you fry like an eternal sausage in the burning garbage pit of Hell? Why are you so obsessed with saying you have proof God is not there and there is no Hell? Who are you trying to fool? Why are you so obsessed against God? Are you possessed by a devil? You sure talk like a devils puppet.

No, I didnt assume anything. Its called a question.

You can't prove anything of what you are saying you can prove. You can believe anything you want to believe, if it is true or not. Why do you keep avoiding proving your assertion that Hell is not real? You are going to prove your assertion when? You are running out of time. You are only fooling yourself.

I offered to prove something far more relevant if this person would just answer some questions. Seems this is not an easily understood concept.

I'm not interested in your atheist blog. Atheists have nothing new to say. The mercies of the Lord are new every morning. I follow Jesus Christ through the valley of the shadow of death into eternal life. I don't follow you. You are following Satan into the fire of Hell, and you don't see it. Satan is smarter than you. knowing all you need. You are only fooling yourself and being fooled by the devil.

God records every word, thought, and action. We will give account to God for everything. I fear God. I do not fear how you may try to use and twist things I say.
You are going to give account to God for your thoughts, words, and actions. The more you talk against God, the more His wrath is building against you. Enjoy yourself while you can if that's the way you think you are really proving God is not there and there is no Hell. God wants you to know His forgiveness, his love, His mercy, but you are only asking for Hiw wrath. Why are you so obsessed agaisnt God? What do you think you are gaining? 

Blah, blah, blah I don't know what atheism is, blah blah blah, I cant prove anything, blah blah blah

The only thing I have gathered from your rants is that you cannot answer simple questions.

Good luck in the future.

Just telling the truth. I didn't think I was being a dick or anything.

You are not trying to gather anything from what you say are my rants. You are only looking for reasons to bolster your pride. You think you have the right to exist. You do have the right to exist because God allowed you to come into existence. You do not have the right to live. Your life agaisnt God can only be justified by existence in Hell. Except for Hell, God would have to give you your desire of negating Him by negating yourself to end your existence and theefore end your problems and challenges. That is the atheist think you get to escape through death. Death is eternal, and you will go on in death in the Lake of Fire. You are in the first death now, limited in time measured under the protections of the world which God in His mercy allows you. The Second Death is not limited by time and offers no repreive or comforts for you who stand in pride agaisnt God. You are a fool. I hope you post this in your fool's blog.

God is offeriing you pardon from Hell which is the penaly attached to sin through the death of His Son who took your death so you can be forgiven in His resurrection. You are spitting in His face and tramplng His blood under your feet saying you do not need to be forgiven. Your blood is on your own head, and you have nobody but yourself to blame for the torments of Hell if you wake up there. By the way you act, my guess is that you will wake up in Hell soon.....ten, twenty, thrity, forty years from now or tomorrow, it's soon compared to eternity.

Did you find proof yet that Hell is not real? Are you still breathing God's air?

And this is full circle for the umpteenth time at this point. This is where I stopped.


Well there you have it logic defined, and then theists wonder why we ridicule them.