Monday 8 September 2014

Word play simply explained

I get so irritated with theists and non-skeptics that use word play so liberally when they have no argument to present. This recently happened to me when I was discussing morality with someone and the fact that it is not objective but in fact subjective. But more on that later this week, I dont want to include it here as it will just confuse things.


Basically the only way this persons argument makes sense if you liberally apply word play. However, this was a smart wordplay compared to most others I have encountered. The person was basically saying "yes, we can't just redefine words so that they suit us" and they are correct. But then before you start an argument using words whose meaning have changed in modern society, then it is essential that you define them before hand and don't try be a smart ass. To clarify this I gave the person I was arguing against this simple example.

Gay is now equated with homosexuality. However, this is not what gay means.

To this I got more rants that we cant just change words defintions as they are defined in dictionaries and its the way it is. Yet, the person never adressed the example I asked. The reason it was never adressed was that simply put it makes sense and the person does not want to agree with the logic that is staring them in their face.

Here are some other words that have changed with time, and no I am not an English major.
Handsome: Used to be used for men and women.
Faggot: A bundle of sticks or a meatball.
Tramp: Used to refer only to a homeless person.
Bitch: Used to refer only to a female dog.

In other words if you are using word play to win an argument you are being
shady. Shady, not as in a plant offering shade. Shady as in dishonest.