Friday 21 February 2014

Idiot of the week - Dr. Mark Stengler and the Cancer Cure

The idiot of the week is not so idiotic this week. What I found was that this fool is smart enough to hide until you start doing the intensive searches. Honestly so would I if I made such bold claims.

So Dr Stengler claims to be able to cure Cancer. OK, he claims that the information has been around since 1925, so he is not the inventor that's all Gods work. Dr Stengler is additionally the producer of a newsletter that is criticized by real doctors, as it is highly controversial and not always scientific. He is a highly religious Christian (yes this is relevant), a homeopath, a general practitioner and appears on those great TV channels like Fox News and the 700 Club.

The original video I watched was all about a spell/verse in the New Testament, Matthew 4 to be precise, which can cure Cancer. These guys make bold claims like that this work has also been verified by independent research from the University of Southern California, Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Chicago, and University of South Florida. Funny enough, I have found no information regarding these Universities involvement in treating cancer. I have found no information of the press releases in the major scientific journals claiming the cure of cancer. Why, you may ask. Because these people are quacks who should be put in jail for misinformation. (For more on this pseudo science click here for an update.)

All you need to do to get this amazing Cancer treatment that is being suppressed by the government and scientists is buy the book, buy the medicine, believe in what is written in the Bible and buy the other necessities from Dr Stenglers organization.

Still doubt me? OK then lest say the flu vaccine actually makes it more likely that you will get the flu. Depression is just a diet problem. He heals arthritis, back pain and pretty much any pain. Oh, and mistletoe is not just for kissing under.

Dr Mark Stengler you are a fucking idiot.