Monday 30 December 2013

Neanderthals show god was a dick

I have written before about the Neanderthal/Homo Sapiens connection and why this is proof enough that the creationist god is an absolutely disgusting tyrant.

That's why the recent study published in Nature and reported on by the BBC and Plos is so interesting as it makes god even more of a dick than I originally thought. This study relates that the type 2 diabetes gene which is found in Mexicans is inherited from Neanderthals through their breeding with early Homo Sapiens in Europe. This gene is the gene which is to blame for type diabetes 2 in Latin Americans. Just a brief note, the report says Mexicans as the study was done in Mexico with Mexican genes. So what does this tell us about god?

Human? no Neanderthal. (Source)

Firstly, and as I have pointed out before. God is a tyrant he/she/it killed of ones of its special creations. I say special as humans think we are special for some reason as we get revealed things like the Bible or Koran or Dianetics or insert random other myth by our god. The fact that this gene was passed on from Neanderthals who share two different evolutionary paths is further evidence that Neanderthals were close to Homo Sapiens in development.

Second reason why god is horrible, he/she/it allowed this gene for a very serious illness to be transferred to a population he apparently loved. I mean if god hated the Neanderthals and killed them off, then why would god allow a disease to transfer from this species that god hated so much to a species go loves so much?

So many questions which show over and over again that god is a dick.

Sunday 29 December 2013

Why I will watch Noah

For those of you that don't know next year will feature the release of Noah. The story of Noah's Ark, and I am super excited for all the wrong yet right reasons.

Finally, the bible is going to be made to look ridiculous on the big screen just like all other mythological stories. There is no way anyone in their right mind can watch this movie and walk away thinking that all the animals could fit on an ark. There is no way that anyone can watch this movie and think that god is a loving and merciful god. Also the creationists will see that there were no dinosaurs on the ark, which is disappointing as this is what I expected after what I have heard from the discovery institute. If you watch this movie, and still think Noah's ark is a possibility then you are an idiot, and you should start believing in other great myths like Zeus or the Titans or Thor.

Lets have a big cheer for Hollywood and the cast and crew of the movie putting the bible where it belongs into mythology.

Lastly I intend to watch it, even if its just to see Emma Watson's performance.

Friday 27 December 2013

Idiots of the Week - UAE court systems

The Idiots of the week are the United Arab Emirates court systems in Dubai, and I am still not sure I fully understand.

This week 8 people (3 in abstentia) have been prosecuted under the 2012 cybercrimes law in the UAE. This law according to the BBC "provides a legal basis to prosecute people who use information technology to criticise senior officials, argue for political reform or organise unlicensed demonstrations." So what did these 8 people do to deserve a 8 month to 1 year prison sentence as well as a 1361 to a 2722 $ fine? Did they criticise the great and venerable rich monarch Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai? Did they argue for political reform by asking that women can have more rights or that the ban on public sex be lifted? Did they organise an unlicensed demonstration or did they organise a licensed demonstration for that matter?

Turns out it was none of the above, they got convicted for making a mockumentary. This mockumentary was critical of nothing, not even Islam so not sure why they got sentenced to jail. According to one of the makers of the video it is"a spoof video about Dubai youth culture." It was this spoof that landed them in hot water as the courts deemed it to be defaming the UAE society's image abroad.

Guess what idiots, you defamed the UAE all by yourself by this ridiculous ruling. I guess this kind of thing happens when you have civil and sharia courts operating in one country. Oh and yes they respect free speech???? Sorry, this just makes no sense. Stupid idiots!

Here is what got these guys the jail time.

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Been an atheist does not mean automatic win

Some atheists need to grow up and stop acting like brats.

I recently witnessed this unfolding before me as an atheist unravelled into acting like a spoilt child and so I thought its time to share my views on the fact that been an atheist does not make you right about everything. That I even have to type this previous sentence is unnerving, as it should be obvious. However some people you just cannot help.

The atheist in question was debating the fact that theism is a transitional form in human cultural/cognitive evolution. The problem was that he was unable to present any evidence for this, and even admitted this was his theory. Naturally theist and atheist alike attacked this position as it had serious flaws in the argument. He then went on a rant about how uneducated everyone was, even insulting his debating opponent. He even told him me his rant and insult of my assessment of his debate that he should win as he presented statistics, which was true but not relevant to the topic. But here is the thing, he was not supplying any evidence just his observations ergo he is at fault for presenting something which has not been verified.

This is a problem!

You are not right, if you say something without evidence. Even if it has to do with religion, even if you are probably right. If you get challenged you need to provide evidence and if you cannot then you have to concede your point. Your idea should be based on rationality and science.

So theists, see even atheists are human.

Merry Christmas 2013.

Monday 23 December 2013

I am a theist I am entitled to my prejuidices

There was a time in the history of mankind when people were entitled to certain things. The most well known entitlements were the birth rights that were passed down to you in the Feudal system that dominated Europe in the 9th to 15th centuries.This feudalistic society is horrific by today's standards as it essentially was the oppression of the poor into indentured servitude. Even if the lord granted a person land, they were still subject to the Lord as they became a Vassal and as such did not have that much freedom to do what they wanted. These entitlements came from nothing and were passed down from eldest child to eldest child. These entitlements also allowed these Lords to carry/learn prejudices as they were "better" than everyone else in their land.

This is the problem essentially with entitilement, it breeds prejuidice.

When a theist believes in a god they think they are entitled to believe certain things which are not true. In fact this false belief can then lead to the creation of prejudices which a person feels entitled to. One just has to consider the stance of the church against homosexuals. Let me make this clear, I am not talking about gay marriage I am talking about homosexual sexual acts. Even more interesting, is that this does not stop at homosexuals this is also true with sexual acts between heterosexuals. The church does not want you to be having sex before you get married, the church does not want you to masturbate, the church does not want you to use a sexual intercourse position other than the missionary position.Actually, I would go so far as to say the church does not want you ever to enjoy anything sexual. Its there one method of control and they do not want to lose it.

In general I think it can be said that every theist thinks they are entitled to the one and only way to go to heaven or nirvana or whatever else they want to call it. Christians believe the Bible is law, the Muslims the Koran and so on. But this is an entitlement that you think you are better than others, that you deserve special treatment. This kind of thinking makes you believe you are entitled to your racial/sexual/gender prejudices.

In closing let me break it down for you. You are not entitled to be prejudiced ever.

Sunday 22 December 2013

The good of religion

Theists think atheists think that religion can do nothing good. Well that's not true, here are some good things religion did.
Notice No Rules.

Notice No Holy Books.

Notice No Superstition.

Notice No Discrimination.

Religion gave us good things, but they are only good to look at everything else is rubbish.

Friday 20 December 2013

Idiot of the week - Megyn Kelly

I know this is old news, but I refuse to let her get away with it.

Megyn Kelly of Fox News is the Idiot of the week. This is not about the Santa comment, its about the Jesus comment. Santa is not real, so Santa can be pink for all I care, I don't care. But, when you say Jesus is white and a historical fact (1:45) you are no longer in the rational realm of things and you are a news reporter. The facts are that Jesus (if he existed) was not white. Its ridiculous to think Jesus was white, in fact I posted recently about this similar delusion people are under with the Jesus of Siberia.

So again here is a picture of what Jesus would have looked like.

I am guessing the reason Megyn thinks Jesus was white is due to her white looks as well.  BTW this is not racist, its just how people associate things like a white Santa. So sorry kids, Jesus was not white.

(Source left and Source right)

Congratulations Megyn you are the idiot of the week, as you are a reporter that does not know how to report.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Golden Ratio in the Koran

Often when you are busy in debates or writing blog posts, there are certain topics that will reoccur. I think this is the subconsciousness way of making you think about a specific topic that is either really bothering you or something you need to find rational answers too. This week I have already posted about Apophenia, and this post deals with this pattern finding and Islam this time.

Anyway, I was debating a theist who was telling me about the mathematical miracles in the Koran. I said this is absurd as the examples he gave can be found in any text such as Midsummer's Night Dream. Granted the examples in Midsummer's Night Dream are just patterns occurring in each act, but if we applied a number to each pattern, we could eventually get some numerical data out which may seem rational but is in fact utter rubbish. At this point my opponent interjected and said I need to read more about this subject than I already have. He even provided me a link to a Youtube video to watch, which would explain this concept better than he could. So, he believe something that he cannot explain to me? But I digress.

So I watched the video.

This is what I found out. Apparently, the Golden Ratio can be found in the Koran, I say apparently as you have to go through some mental gymnastics to get there. This is what irritates me about theists, if the Golden Ratio was in the Koran surely it would have just said something like this.
"It was revealed to the Most Holy Prophet Muhammad that the Golden Ratio was 1.61803398875"
Instead, what you have to do to get the Golden Ratio is  add two random numbers that mean some word together, subtract the square root of the verses ending in x, multiply the cube of Allah's and then do a Fourier transformation. This is mental gymnastics, it is looking for patterns where there are none. This is a mental disorder, its called Apophenia.

On a side note, if I was religious I could use the reason that these patterns keep coming up in this weeks posts as proof of god. After all surely, it can not just be coincidence that my subconscious is teaching me something. ;)

Monday 16 December 2013

Apologetics AKA Mental Gymnastics

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I have been listening to William Lane Craigs podcast series Defenders. Additionally, I have been reading a book called Love Wins by Rob Bell. So you could say I am on an apologetics bender.

Anyway, no matter what I have heard or read over this past month or more, there is one thing I am certain of. Apologetics is mental gymnastics! You have to jump through so many hoops and over so many fires and twist your logic so far to believe the rubbish these people believe. Apologetics is what happens when you throw rationality out of the window and take blind faith as a reason to believe something. Apologetics is the non sceptical approach to a sceptical subject. In other words apologetics has no basis for anything, and apologists are doing a disservice to the world by creating conspiracy theists.

Conspiracy theists: are people that believe something with no rational basis. Very similar to conspiracy theorists. Let me give you some examples of these conspiracy theists.

(a) William Lane Craigs Cosmological Argument is a joke. He has to presuppose that the biblical God is real for it to work. No matter what you will ever hear about this argument, it is wrong. The simple reason is that you have to presuppose for it to work. The whole Cosmological argument is a farce, as it can be used to "prove" that anything can create the universe like a peanut butter sandwich.

(b) Rob Bells miracles of Jesus and rebirth is a joke. How long did he have to search for this number pattern, I believe it is called apophenia (a lot of religious scholars use this as proof) when you look for patterns in random places where no patterns exist. I post the part of the text below to show you what I mean.

One of the things you pick up in reading the Bible over time is that the writers were `extremely clever, employing incredibly complex patterns with numbers and hints and allusions in their writings. Often just below the surface they would place another story, another point.

So when John numbers these first two signs, we are wise to begin asking questions. Why the numbers? What’s he getting at? If we then read on, looking for more signs, we see Jesus heal a man by a pool in the next chapter. That would be the third sign in the Gospel. Then in chapter 6 he provides bread for the crowd and then walks on water. Those would be signs four and five. Then in chapter 9 he heals a blind man, which would be sign six. And then, in chapter 11, he raises Lazarus from the dead, a “sign” if there ever was one. Seven signs.

Now ask: Is the number seven significant in the Bible? Does it occur in any other
prominent place? Well, yes, it does. In the poem that begins the Bible. The poem speaks of seven days of creation. But there’s one more sign in John’s Gospel. In chapter 20 Jesus rises from the dead. Now that’s a sign. The eighth sign in the book of John. Jesus rises from the dead in a garden. Which, of course, takes us back to Genesis, to the first creation in a . . . garden.

ITS a CONSPIRACY......No its just apologetics.

Friday 13 December 2013

Idiots of the week - Indian Supreme Court

This week the idiots are......The Indian Supreme Court for the dumbest decision under pressure of the religious.

After pressure from the religious India's Supreme Court has overturned its 2009 decisions which decriminalised homosexual sex. So now it is illegal to do any of the following in India: no oral sex, no anal sex, no touching, no kissing. The only thing you can do is put your penis into a vagina. As all these other things listed homosexuals are capable of engaging in, and as such all of these things are illegal according to India's idiotic law. Just in case you do think of doing any of this please realise it could result in 10 years in jail.

Just in case you think the religious did not have an influence in this decision,
Here is a list of the idiots who opposed the law change that happened in 2009 (I highlighted the religious/superstitious) All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Suresh Kumar Koushal (astrologer), Krantikari Manuwadi Morcha (Hindu), Trust Gods Ministry, Apostolic Churches Alliance and Utkal Christian Foundation and S.K. Tizarawala, a representative of Baba Ramdev (Yogi) Wow!, hang on they are all religious groups (except the lone astrology idiot), because religion is stupid. Well done India thanks to stupid religion your High court earns the title Idiots of the week.

I think this quote sums up the logic of these religious idiots. Mohammad Qureshi, spokesperson for the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said “We are very satisfied with it. Homosexuality is a sin in all Indian religions…we feel the Supreme Court judgement is a step in the right direction,”. Morons! The right direction is the way to discriminate against people according to religion. Sometimes, I think religion should just be relabelled as hate group but that would be unfair to the handful of religious that are not actually homophobic/sexist/elitists.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Jesus is alive in Siberia

Do you know about Jesus.......of Siberia? Otherwise known as Vissarion. The link to the Vice movie about him and his followers is given below if you have 25 minutes. Yes, I am aware this is not the only real Jesus I have blogged about, but really its difficult to stick to the numbers. Maybe, I should dedicate a tab to the Jesus's I write about. (1, 2)

This guy looks like the Jesus that everyone in the west thinks Jesus would look like. Blond hair and blue eyes, tall handsome with a mystique about him.But hang on I digress I will get to that later. After Jesus most probably didn’t look this westernized like Vissarion,

but rather looked like this.

Anyway this guy has written the Last Testament. Pretty much like Joseph Smith and every other Jesus/Muhammad guy out there these guys really like writing books full of spiritual messages for you to follow. Not that I believe the original Jesus and Muhammad were not lunatics. The followers of Vissarion live in a Jesus camp/compound/village in the Taiga forest in Russia.I am not been mean by calling it all these names, as from the style of the buildings I am a little confused.

Is this a cult? I am not sure, but I do not think its healthy. It reminds me of Jonestown in a way been all isolated, so lets hope the magic cool aid does not make an appearance any time soon.

The whole movie is pretty trippy, but highlights of the movie include:

4:00 This cult teaches that its important to be a misogynist as women are weak and not meant to be leaders.If they go against this they they will get disease and suffering. That's why boys and girls get different education at the "Jesus city".

8:00 They take your passport when you visit, not creepy at all.
16:00 The Vissarion mystique

19:00 The truth that these guys believe in UFOs, why do all the new religions believe in UFOs?
20:00 The Vissarion interview. Watch the perfect politician, side step skills of the century. You can't pin this guy on anything. Again more mystique.

The Movie

Monday 9 December 2013

Muhammad was an imaginary paedophile

This post stems from a recent debate I had, which can be read here.

Turns out this debate I  conceded, and in effect admitted Muhammad was not a paedophile. But, there is a very valid reason why I did this and in effect "lost" the debate. My reasons for asserting Muhammad was paedophile are based on the Hadith and other historians of the time which said Muhammad married Aisha between the age of 7-10 years old. If you read the debate, there are more than enough historical accounts to show this is true. The few verses that disagree with this, do not give any ages and as such are pure speculation to Aishas age. This indicates a sexual interest and would make Muhammad a paedophile according to the psychiatric definition which says: a paedophile is an individual who fantasises about, is sexually aroused by, or experiences sexual urges toward prepubescent children (generally <13 years) for a period of at least 6 months."

The Hadith are books which detail the life of the prophet and build a base for the truth of the Koran and Islamic Law. So in effect the Hadith are an integral part of Islamic belief.

However my opponents objection was that the Hadith should get dismissed as they were written a long time after Muhammad died and could contain inaccuracies. I said this is fine, but then it also means that the Koran, Allah and Muhammad are completely meaningless. It could even be argued then that Muhammad did not even exist as most of the history of Muhammad's existence comes from the Hadith. There are even some Islamic scholars that agree with this, reminds me of that other guy called Jesus in a way. I conceded the debate to my opponent if he agreed to say that Islam, Muhammad and Allah are all fairy tales. Turns out my opponent was/is and agnostic/atheist so the debate lacked the teeth it could have had.

So yes, I conceded the debate as I was debating an imaginary person and we cannot conclude an imaginary person was a paedophile. Its like saying Harry Potter is the greatest magician,when this person does not exist. So today is a great day as Muhammad was not a real life paedophile. However,if you do believe the Koran and Hadith are real, then you have to accept that Muhammad was a real life paedophile.

Oh and now pictures like this are no longer offensive.

Otherwise these are as well.

Sunday 8 December 2013

Another reason not to believe in Scientotlogy

In September of this year I did  a series of posts (1, 2, 3 , 4, 5) on the Scientology cult. Now, I have a confession to make. No, I was not a Scientologist but that would have been a cool story. Its the reason that I wrote those posts in the first place. I was reading about L.Ron Hubbard and I was thinking "This guy must have been a great science fiction writer to be able to mislead so many people." So I decided to watch the movie Battlefield Earth, which features prominent Scientologist John Travolta.


What a horrible, horrible movie. The plot was stupid, the acting was bad, everything was just bad. I suppose this is the reason why it is considered one of the worst movies ever made as voted by the public. I don't think even Scientology's golden boy (Tom Cruise) would have been able to save this piece of trash.

I think honestly the easiest way to convert any Scientologist is to make them watch this movie. It just shows you what a bad writer L.Ron really was, and makes you wonder how anyone can believe this Scientology farce about Xenu and thetans etc. I wonder how many people besides Atheists and Scientologists actually know about this stuff? I think even Christians/Muslims who believe in fairy tales will admit this is a bit over the top.

Here is some highlights of just how bad this piece of trash is.

Friday 6 December 2013

Idiot of the week - Bishop Seraphim

The award this week goes to Bishop Seraphim from Greece who has said that if Greece legalizes same sex partnerships they will suffer the wrath of God. As we know from all the stories about God, they are real! So I guess Greece best heed his warnings and......wait oh yeah nothing ever happens.

What he fails to mention is that Greece is in violation of their commitments to the European Union to allow same-sex marriages. In fact they are in violation of the European human rights convention. But then again we cant expect people who wear robes and walk around with gold walking sticks to really understand the world,as they live in a fantasy land. Maybe, he wants Greece to be kicked out of the EU, or maybe he just wants to be a homophobe.

This is why religion does not belong in civilised society, as idiots like this think they can (and they do) influence politics. They dont want human rights,they want subjection to their god as long as it is putting money in their pockets. They want to be able to practice their discriminations and biases whenever they feel like it.

Bishop Seraphim you are a royal gold coated idiot.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Go F%&* yourself theists and your morals

This post was written a week ago, while in a bad mood over the so called morality question. Often I will right something and then not post it. However, even while inflammatory I think this is one post that I will publish.


I am so sick and tired of theists who say atheists are unable to live a moral life without a god.

These are the same people that say Muhammed was not wrong for raping a nine year old.The same people that protect Catholic priest paedophiles. The same people that say the Israelites were justified in their multiple genocides. The same people that say slavery in the bible was justified. The same people that believe a women needs 4 witnesses to testify that she was raped. The same people that discard their kin when they do wrong (Hitler anyone?).

You do this and call me amoral? So theists Go F%$* yourself.


Monday 2 December 2013

Why was Gideon so darn special

I was reading a little about Gideon the other day. You know him that gave his name to those bibles that you find in nightstand’s at hotels and motels around the world. Remember, when you take them its not stealing they want you to take them, that’s why they are there in the first place.

So I was wondering why is Gideon so special to God to get all the proof he needed to prove Gods existence. My point is that if anyone got that kind of confirmation form a god they would believe, yet no one does except those in the bible. Does that mean God plays favourite?

Just in case you wonder what miracle I am referring to. Its the mass genocide  massacre (see update) perpetrated by Gideon against the Midanite soldiers. But before you think I am crazy calling a massacre genocide a miracle,I have a reason. This massacre genocide was conducted by 300 Israelites (Judges 7:7) who killed 120,000 Midanites (Judges 8:10). Okay, that means each Israelite killed 400 Midanites in a battle, its impossible and so must qualify as a miracle. Now I am not saying I want God to commit a genocide for me even though he is pretty good at things like that. I am just saying that if all these guys in the bible get seas parted, plagues, living inside fish, second life etc. why cant I?

This is just one more reason why I think the biblical god is just as dumb as any other deity you can throw at me. The stories are absurd, and if he is really this powerful he knows what miracle would convince me.

Update 3rd December 20123
As one of my readers has pointed out, the use of the word genocide is incorrect in this context as it was two armies fighting each other. Thanks Sheldon, I agree massacre would be a far better word.