Wednesday 30 January 2013

Spirit Science?

Ok, my friend sent me this link, and I who does enjoy crazy shit watched it. This is what I have to say about “Spirit Science 12 – The Human History Movie”
By Spirit Science

Okay these are a minority of the questions that I raise regarding this film.

Uhmm within 10 seconds, you realize the lack of knowledge. They have shown how to make pyramids before, moving these so called unmovable blocks.

4:20 Fauna on different islands? Have you heard about animals, and plant seeds that can make journeys over long distances. Never mind the fact that there have been stages over the history of the earth of sea level drops due to ice ages.

10:41 Pyramids on Mars, Face on Mars? uhmm how many times does this have to be shown to not be true?

16:20 So NASA does not want people to know about polar shifts? WRONG!

26:00 Noetics? What the hell is noetics... apparently not scientifically approved, as it measures (sic) personal experiences? Uhmm yeh thats why they are personal opinions and not scientific fact.

36:15 Humans are more advanced than other animals? I am speechless, how do you determine this? What makes the word advanced? What about dolphins? What about evolutionary tree?

41: “Keep a open mind, there is very little proof for this” In other words, this is a load of rubbish. Like everything else in this movie.

Okay I gave up... I wont lie but this stuff is BATSHIT CRAZY! If you enjoy crazy stuff give it a watch otherwise don't waste your time.

Really do you have to add a suffix (i.e. alien, mayan calender, pseudo science) to all your Google searches, to come up with this?

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Sunday 27 January 2013

Random Chats With Believers IV

This was not so much a chat as a message conveyed to me by a friend. When I was happily told, that now their son has found god he no longer needs to take his anti-depressant medication. Basically god has cured this person.......

Okay straight up I am a person who suffers from depression. And for anyone that knows about depression or has suffered from severe depression, the obvious thing is that obviously he is fine. The part that most people don't realize is that the anti depressants take time to finally clear your body.

Additionally, to fall back into a depressive episode after a treatment period can take a long time. Especially if you have tapered of the medication in the correct manner and it was an occurrence that happened due to external stressors that have now gone away. Also some depressive episodes never occur again in some peoples lives and they don't need medication again. So then it is easy to sell the fake dream that god cured this person. But its time to get real.

God did not cure my depression, god cured no ones depression. Medication and psychiatrists cured my depression, and I am handling it as well as I can. However I know I can slip back into depression at any time. Its a sickness just like diabetes, and no minister would say stop taking your insulin. And not surprisingly this so called god has never healed anything like diabetes.

Its easy to blame a mental illness on a bad deed, and this is what happens at times. So again religion is unscientific and making claims that are absolute bollocks. Religion cured no one!

Science does.

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Wednesday 23 January 2013

Burqa's are biased

There are a lot of good reasons why the burqa should be banned. The most common arguments used against the burqa is that they discriminate against women. Well I suppose it is better to call an apple an apple...... the main reason is that these burqa wearing ladies are living in fear of a beating or even death if they don't don the burqa.

I have always wondered why more muslim men don't wear burqa's?

Or why they are unable to control themselves when they see a sexy ankle? …..............Seriously, on the internet there is a multitude of porn sites which multiple men and women are watching everyday and these people are not beating and raping other members of the other sex. So what is it about ankles??

I have another reason why the burqa should not be allowed.

Plain and simple it gives a religion more rights than the regular person. It is blatant discrimination against non believers! Don't believe me?

Try this..... walk with a full mask into a bank and see what response you get.

If burqa's are allowed, then anyone should be able to wear masks anywhere anytime. This is not always true, this is discrimination, this is religion been put ahead of normal human rights.

In closing..............I think my ID photo would look great as Donald Duck.

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Random Chats with Believers III

Why when you are approached in the streets by missionary evangelical christians, do the think it is necessary to lie to you? To clarify further, I am not talking about the bible, I am talking about cold facts about multiple other topics.

I got accosted by a group of christians once from the church of the World Mission Society Church of God.
Yes they are wacky in nomral beliefs as well, but thats not why I am writing this.

Anyway, they tried to convince me that Stephen Hawkings as well as Albert Einstein are aand were devote christians! Anyone who know what Stephen Hawkings latest book says, know this is utter fabrication.
And anyone who knows how Einsteins words have been manipulated knows that he was not a christian either.
Blatant lies in other words!

They then continued to tell me about evolution, and how the theroy cannot be true. That creationism is the truth and God created the world in 7 days and blah blah blah. I will debate evolution with anyone, but when you start lying about things like the absence of missing links, I will call you out. Evolution is correct, it has more evidence than a god, so how can it not be?

If you doubt evolution please use these links to prove to yourself that you are wrong.

So should I believe these people about the existence of god, when they are lying about even simpler thngs?

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Tuesday 1 January 2013

God/Allah/Almighty/Great Architect etc.

Call god what you want, I don't care. But you have to agree god is all seeing, all knowing, all caring..... super duper wonderful awesome. That is if you are a believer., and a believer in any of the religions anywhere in the world that actually believe in a god.

But what do all these great adjectives actually translate too. Lets take a look at a few.....

All knowing: Uhmmm, not to difficult this one it means god knows everything. So this entity already knows what will happen to you, so whats the point of doing anything? Its predetermined, no need to be good, no need to not have sex, no need to do anything.... thats what predetermined means.

Caring: OK, so god cares so much, that it allows believers to kill others in his name. God is so caring, that it allows the murder of doctors who do abortions. That is what the word caring means right? (sarcasm intended)

Omnipotent: God, is so powerful that it cannot stop the devil, doing bad things? (Irony intended) But seriously, we all know god enjoys giving people and children disease, and killing loved ones. Uhm, yeh I think that sums up omnipotent.

King of Kings: Thats right, every king everywhere in the world believes in the one true god. From Saudi Arabia, to England, to Norway.... oh hang on thats not right. Um maybe this whole god thing is not right.

So maybe the only adjective that god deserves is the obvious one.......IMAGINARY!