Monday, 29 August 2016

Where did it all go wrong? and are we all Fucked!

The last couple weeks I have not written anything for this blog. However during this time I was not wasting away and playing Nintendo, I was in fact thinking about the big questions, like where did it all go wrong with rational thought. So, through a process of moving a little outside my normal circle (I work at a science institute, so my colleagues are mostly a rational bunch) and observing what (for lack of a better word) the others think and do, and very importantly how they deal with information and facts. With these observation I have made, I decided to point out a few of the problems we are encountering and will continue to encounter if we don't do something about it, or regrettably until someone/something sorts us out with force. Let me state here for clarity that these observations that I made are generalizations that I believe are apparent to any one that takes an honest and rational look. However, I did not go out collecting data sets. So any criticism will be greatly appreciated.

The first thing I noted is that most people will not have read as far as this. 189 words until the end of this last sentence, and most people have not even read this far! They either assumed they know what the article meant (by looking at a hastag, first sentence, or the title), or got lazy as it was not amusing and too long for the attention span of Twitter followers or Vine junkies. Don't get me wrong I love some Vines and comedic tweets. But if you think meaningful information can be corresponded in this way you are deluded for two reasons 1) its impossible to get a coherent message across in such a small time span and 2) if you think you got a good rational message across, the other fool just got his irrational message across using the exact same media, oh and he blocked your tweets as he wants no rational discussion. This lack of information intake through a thorough reading of longish texts is disconcerting as these same people with goldfish attention spans intend running the world, just look at Donald Trump and he is better than some others I see running around with their hashtags attached to their heads.

Secondly, many people do not understand the scientific method, academic literature, or even the press releases for important discoveries. This is nothing to be ashamed of as science is not easy. We have exacerbated this issue however  by breeding a culture where anyone can do anything, where its all about participation and not about winners and losers. These ideas are not realistic as this is not how the world works unless we live in a dystopian future where everyone is handicapped to function exactly the same. Is this progress, is this what these people want?

However, disregarding dystopia for a moment, what really terrifies me at present is how absolute pseudoscience bullshit gets touted as real science by many people. As these companies have either 1) a celebrity user (payed client), 2) flashy movies with a mention of published studies (which either don't exist, or show exactly the opposite of the claim) and 3) pitches that are based in science but then make a fanciful transition (i.e. do some magic) to sell a junk apparatus or treatment.

Lastly, and probably most obvious, bad ideas exist! For example, I recently got told that black people are incapable of being racists. Let that sink in.....yes, it actually is that fucking stupid, what was been said is this, a race is not capable of being racist. But the real bad ideas are truly dangerous and wasteful. For example I recently found out that a university close by to our institute has  a creation research center. Seriously WTF! This crap is wasteful as all they need to do is prove God, and then no other research is necessary. Yet, here is a pseudoscience "institute" operating under the guise of science because some Christians think its good idea to waste resources that could be going to something far more meaningful.

This observations lead me to come to the most obvious conclusion that we are truly fucked. There is no better way to say it! Until we can make campuses places where social justice bullshit does not define curriculum's, but rather everything has to be logic based. We need to be able to look at men and women and realize their are inherent advantages for both sexes and this means the playing field will be even although it may not feel that way, for example we cannot want a even playing field in some parts (doctors salary equal to a 7/11 employee salary) and not others (sport not gender-based sport) as this is not reality. We need to able to realize race is just a skin tone, and rather focus on the problems behind some of these hastags. For example, we need to understand why black people in the USA are more violent statistically (see this link, but also realize that black are only 13.23 % of the US population, so these values given have no been normalized i.e. it looks a lot worse but realistic) and then sort out that problem and not complain about inequality, or blame it on old white men.

I realize that their is a lot of information here and its not easy to digest. In fact if I wanted I could stretch this out over multiple posts. But I don't want to as I think this format shows the crazy that rationalists encounter. As such let me end off with a little heart to heart.

Probably the worst insult I give to people now actually has a lot of hope in it, after all "you cannot seriously be that dumb." I honestly cannot believe these people are at that level of stupidity not to be able to use rational thought, there is something stopping their logic and it is something which has been incubated in this toxic, 160 character 5 second memory span everyone is a winner, environment. Can these people be helped? They can help themselves, but they are the only ones who can, after all real knowledge takes time and that is something they seem to not want to give, well unless its for Poke-mon-go.