Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Reading the Bible - Genesis 38

Genesis 38 or chapter WTF? Seriously I would suggest you read Genesis 38 just for the WTF moments. For this reason I will divide this post into four WTF moments, and all of these moments have to do with Judah, the patriarch to the tribe that Jesus eventually came from.

Judah has married a Canaanite women called Shua, and she gives birth to three children called Er, Onan, and Shelah. Eventually, once Er had grown up, Judah organized a bride for him called Tamar and the got married. Anyway, for some reason Jehovah did not like Er and he killed him. Seriously WTF? No reason, just killed.

Onan now gets told by Judah to marry Tamar and perform brotherly duties with her, i.e. have sex and look after her and the kids.  I should note here that this law, which we will see in in Deuteronomy 25:5-6, which states that a brother must marry and impregnate his dead brothers wife does not exist. So in essence Judah was just making shit up.

Anyway, Onan does not want to look after children which are not his. As such when he is having sex with Tamar he employs that contraceptive method of withdrawal and waters the ground with his sperm. This spilling of sperm angers Jehovah and so he decides its time for Onan to die as well and Jehovah kills him. Now this verse has been used by some Christians to prohibit masturbation, but to be clear this is not about masturbation this is about God being angry about a guy that does not want to impregnate whomever he gets forced to have sex with. Seriously WTF!

After two dead husbands Tamar is sent away to go with her father until his youngest son Shelah becomes of age. Unfortunately, during this time Judah forgets about Tamar and his promise of marriage to Shelah. It is also during this time that Judah's wife dies. So, what is a new widower to do? Like any single guy Judah embarks on a journey to hire some prostitutes, and needless to say he ends up having sex with Tamar who is dressed as a prostitute. If you are wondering why Tamar is dressing like a prostitute, well the answer is simple, it is she can deceive her father in law and enjoy the good times. Yes, that is a WTF.

At this time Judah even tries to get some free sex, but Tamar is having none of that and gets some security in the form of Judah's seal ring, cord and rod. So clearly Judah was bloody horny as he gave his seal ring away to a prostitute, guess men can learn something from this?

The security that Judah gave Tamar was meant to be given back to Judah once a goat was sent as payment. However, Judah never got the security back as Tamar was not a prostitute......uhm no she was, but the Bible needs her not to be for the story to work. Anyway, Tamar gets pregnant from her night of passion with Judah, and on hearing this Judah says should be burned to death. Again this burning references a law that does not yet exist i.e. Leveticus 21:9, so Judah is again making shit up.

On hearing that she must die, Tamar sends the security to Judah so that he can decide if she should die. At this point realizing what he has done (apparently sex is not naked in those days?) Judah declares Tamar righteous and she is not killed. Eventually Tamar gives birth to twins by Judah.


Four moments, that should make you wonder about many things. The one thing that astounds me is the use of rules that have not yet been written down. If this is the case then clearly the Mosaic laws are based on past actions, and not given by Jehovah as claimed. Also, go get some prostitutes, as Jehovah very clearly approves.

Thats that for the week

All verses come from the New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures.
Online version available at the Jehovah's Witnesses official website