Monday, 1 August 2016

#blacklivesmatter my sceptical view on the movement

Note: I wrote this before the attacks on the Dallas police by #blacklivesmatter proponents.


I am hesitant to take talk about blacklivesmatter as there are so many people that are completely irrational to facts surrounding key moments in the movement. To me blacklivesmatter in fact relies on a lot of conspiracy and is almost a religion unto itself. But let us look at some facts and where it all started to understand why the movement is fundamentally flawed. Black lives do matter, and in some societies people of color may be unfairly picked on but usually there is a reason behind this type of profiling. Perhaps blacklivesmatter is not so much about the lives, but rather about the profiling that occurs by everyone everyday of their life. If you say you do not profile ever, you are a liar as you profiled your partner or your friends etc etc. Facts are harsh to deal with, but lets get into the ridiculousness that is blacklivesmatter.

Trayvon Martin, this is where blacklivesmatter started. Should he have died? No. So what are the facts, well we only have one witness and that is the person that pulled the trigger. George Zimmerman is truly the only person that knows what happened, and he said their was an altercation and he also got treated for head wounds. So whatever happened it was not peaceful. My point is the whole movement is based on interpretations of events that no one has been able to prove. This is not how rational people work, and this is the start! But let us move on.

Eric Harris, his death is horrible and should never have happened. Keeping with reality lets just say that perhaps its not a good idea to run away from police, usually it means you are hiding something. The police officer that shot Eric Harris was charged with manslaughter, guess this shows black lives do matter? But of course this charge does not satisfy the movement, as the unfounded allegations of corruption lodged against the police mean that a harsher penalty was required to satisfy the thirst for justice revenge.


Tamir Rice, this was a horrible situation and something that should never had happened, but how were the police meant to know the gun was a toy gun? The police were responding to a 911 call, and they had every right to act they way they did on a firearm being pulled. This case was a tragedy, but it is something that happened and the family were happy enough to accept the settlement for wrongful death. So I think we can say justice was served at least according to those directly involved.
Sandra Bland, I have dealt with this issue before. but let me just state the autopsy claiming wrongful death proved that this claim was false, in fact the second autopsy the family had done to prove the wrongful death claim has still not been released one year later! So I think we can clearly state justice was done in this case.

Michael Brown, again rubbish claims by activists that have been debunked more times than Ray Comfort has used the banana analogy. Needless to say this stupidity lead to this further violence.

Walter Scott, justice is getting served on what seems to be an unlawful killing. Trial date is set for October 2016, this does not make blacklivesmatter happy though they want more justice blood . Granted there seems to be inconsistencies, as stated above, but lets wait for the trial and see what happens.

Now I know I have not looked at every blacklivesmatter case, and I am sure there are many unjustified shootings that occur everywhere everyday. However, when examples are held up as fact and are in fact dubious claims they should be addressed.  Another thing to remember is that activists like to point out that all the victims lives and pasts are not important in the incidents. However, these same people are quick to point out that the shooters lives and pasts are very important factors to consider in these incidents. I am all for POV police cameras, just as police are for them, the sad part is that this evidence will not make a difference for blacklivesmatter, as blacklivesmatter proponents don't want to see facts slapping them into reality.

There are so many problems with this movement, but one big problem is that the movement does not address the inherent problems that lead to these killings. There is a problem in many communities, be they religious, racial or social, but we cannot and must not go around blaming others when the problems lie with us. All in all it shows a lack of rationality, and one reason why I think the movement #blacklivesmatter is a farce. Call me a racist, I don't care. Peace.