Monday, 18 July 2016

The face of moderate Islam exemplified in a democratic society

Pakistan is a democratic society that has Islam as its official state religion, surely it would not be a far stretch to then posit that Pakistan reflects moderate Islam. After all according to is constitution it is classified as a federal republic, and a federal republic is defined as a federation of states with a democratic government. Democracy obviously can be used as a measure of a population, so if Islam is peaceful then a democratic society based on Islam would be peaceful  So, in my opinion, we have a perfect case of a moderate progressive Islamic society, its a state we can look at and see if Islam is such a great force for good that it is purported to be.

So let us begin our journey into moderate Islam.

Crimes against women, men and children
Muslims love to say that the Koran teaches women to be respected and cared for. So what do we see happening in a moderate Islamic country? We see the Council of Islamic Ideology proposing that men be allowed to "lightly" beat their wives to keep them in line. Its a country where women are burned alive or beaten to death when they want to choose their own partners and not have to listen to religious leaders or parents. Additionally, young teen women are killed if they want to choose a partner different to the man that their parents choose. Husbands and their pregnant wives also get killed if they disobey orders not to have a relationship. So the face of moderate Islam can be marginally scary for those that disobey orders to live unhappy lives in relationships they have no desire to be in.

How to deal with legal issues.
The Koran is very god at pointing out exactly how many legal issues should be dealt with. As such it is refreshing to see that the Council of Islamic Ideology requires four witnesses to make sure that a rape is real and not a fabrication. To be fair, they will also allow DNA evidence as supplementary proof, although it cannot be use as evidence after all we need those four witnesses. Divorce is a tricky issue everywhere in the world, so it is good to see that moderate Islam promotes easy divorce, or the simple have more than one wife rule. Now I have no problems with polygamy, but it only works when everyone in the relationship agrees with it. Unfortunately, the law proposed is meant to allow a man a second wife, this is not something held for women. Then there is the tiny issue of underage marriage, well luckily for us Islam allows marriage of any child that has reached puberty. So that means girls of 1-11 years old are ripe for the picking to old men that enjoy their pedophilia like the most noble prophet Muhammad.

Science and Education
Women should be educated, but only to the correct degree otherwise they may get attacked and killed for being uppity. Clearly a man is a man and a women is a women in Islam, as such moderate Islam promotes the idea that sex changes are completely un-Islamic. However, not everything is anti-science, there is strong support for reproductive techniques like in vitro fertilization. It is also a strong point that evolution is taught in schools, although students do wonder about the quality of their education on evolutionary topics. Additionally, many teachers and students are saying evolution is in conflict with their religion so are the facts getting memorized to be discarded or is evolution teaching a real issue.

So this is the wonderful world of moderate Islam. I should close here by saying that a lot of violence can be placed squarely at the feet of moderate Islam and organisations like the Council of Islamic Ideology. So who are the Council of Islamic Ideology?
They are there to propose good ideas to the government so that the moderate Muslims can live happily. They justify their actions using the most Noble Koran, so its just Islam being moderate and nothing more. Naturally the government does not have to listen to these men of superior knowledge, but there job is to advise and as it consist of ex judges and religious leaders it does hold sway.

While reading this if you noticed the dripping sarcasm, good it is meant to be sarcastic as this is moderate Islam in action. Moderate Islam is a sarcastic joke.