Monday, 25 July 2016

Can someone please explain the Jonah story to me

When growing up in my country we used to get taught Bible stories at school as well as at the customary Bible school on Sunday morning at church. It was during these times that we would engage in the moral tales of the binding of Isaac, or learn that a man called Noah built a really big boat and put two of every kind of animal on it to sail around for a year.  Naturally it never occurred to me that any adults were lying to me when they told me about Moses parting the Red Sea so the Jews could escape the evil Egyptians. Of course for some people these stories were capped of with a threat that if we did not believe the Bible stories we may burn in hell forever.

Skip forward a few many years and here I sit in front of my computer typing and wondering how I could ever believe the pile of steaming manure that was placed in front of me was in fact a tower made of gold. I have so many questions that went unanswered as a child, and it is one reason why I sometimes enjoy engaging in informative discussions with theists. One of these question revolves around Jonah, as it seems to me that it is something that is very easily provable.

For those of you that don't know let me give the story in brief.
Jonah was meant to do something for God and he disobeyed, as such he landed up in the stomach of a fish or whale  for three days, and then got regurgitated when he decided to listen to God again.

To me this seems a simple story that require no interpretation if the Bible is meant to be fact. But it is also a story that makes no sense as I have to ask the simple question,  what fish/sea creature/whale can keep a man alive inside its stomach for three days?

Can any Christian explain this problem to me. It is really a simple problem to solve. Surely there are only a few sea creature options in which a human can live (actually there are none), as such this is an easy thing to test.

If you cannot prove this story rationally, then you have to accept that the Jonah story is bullshit. If the Jonah story is bullshit, then surely you have to start wondering about some other stories in the Bible. I am an atheist as I question simple religious tales, so why are you not an atheist?

Or we can carry on teaching trash to kids and indoctrinate them so that their learning can be stunted with silly ideas.