Wednesday, 27 July 2016

An open letter to Muslims

Dear Muslim

Your religion is in chaos, and it is all of your own making. Vast swaths of the Islamic population across the world is disrespectful of basic human rights, and by standing idly by and not criticizing these bad ideas you are creating an even bigger problem. The country in which Mecca is situated has many laws which are similar to the terrorist organization called ISIS, and by not criticizing the government which hosts your holy city you are encouraging barbaric practices.

Unfortunately, all this chaos and disorder that exists in your religion also means the respect that other religious believers as well as secularists have towards your beliefs diminishes on a daily basis, and only you are the one that can change things around. This may sound harsh and unfair, but no longer can you hide behind claims of discrimination or unfair treatment. The time is here and now for you and your fellow believers to sort out the problems that your religion is causing in this world. You may wonder why I place this burden on you? So allow me to elaborate why I place the task of reformation and/or eradication of Islamic terrorism squarely at your feet.

In the past any secular or non-Islamic attempt at trying to get rid of Islamic groups that threaten world peace and/or the lives of Muslims has lead to an escalation of violence or conditions that are considered detrimental to Muslims. This has been demonstrated in recent memory in the countries of Iraq, and Afghanistan. In fact, it is clear from these examples that the only way for any of these problems to be solved is for Muslims to get into the trenches and sort out the problems themselves. Additionally, recently countries that have been accepting of refugees from Islamic terrorists have been attacked by these same Islamists the Muslims refugees are escaping from. This shows that there is nothing non-Muslims can do to solve this problem as even when they are trying to do a good deed, it leads to the death of innocent civilians.

The fact that non-believers are not allowed to address these problems without a backlash from the Islamic world show that these gross violations of human rights have to be dealt with only by Muslims themselves. Needless to say, these problems are vast, and they can only be solved by people like you getting out there and doing your part. I do realize that this is easier to say than to actually go and do, but as pointed out the Muslims world does not want any help from non-believers. While you may not agree with violence, you have to realize that this problem is not going away and I am certain that you are smart enough to know this fact as well.

Lastly, and probably most controversially, as a Muslim, if you are not prepared to stand up and do something then you are saying you approve of what Islam is doing in this world. This makes you part of the problem.

Stand up
Get up
This is your time