Monday, 6 June 2016

The pointless life

The one constant thing that amazes me about looking at religion from a non-believers point of view is the vast discrepancies one sees within religious texts and/or ways of thinking. It astounds me that I continue to see new problems with religious texts, while believers do not see these same problems. So I have to come to the conclusion that I am right, or the believer is wrong. Yet to assume I am right would be pretentious, and so the only way to reach  logical decisions is to rationalize through the thought process and see what the conclusions are.

From various discussions with theists it seems obvious that omniscience cannot coexist with free will. In fact, there are some theists that will freely admit that these two concepts cannot exist together. However, they get around this problem by insisting that god has either partial knowledge, foreknowledge, or knowledge of every possible choice.... or some other ridiculous argument. Then by using these arguments they imply that we can still have free will and god is omniscient. Wrapping your head around these illogical arguments takes a lot and trying to debate a theist about simple links between free will and omniscience, once these pseudo-arguments have been introduced, is like talking to a wall. However, I think I have found a simple solution to these illogical arguments, at least from  Christian perspective.

Prophecy is a critical part of Christian theology. Without prophecy the existence of Jesus as a savior of mankind becomes an irrelevant concept. But for prophecy to exist omniscience, or extensive foreknowledge, must exist. This things brings us back to the problem that omniscience cannot exist without the loss of free will. So we have a conundrum, either prophecy is false and the Bible fails or free will is an illusion.

These are not throw away arguments, as if free will is an illusion, then predetermination exists. This means that it does not matter how we live our lives, as everything including the eternal state of our selves after death is predetermined. So me typing this post, and my dismissal of god claims does not matter, after all my future has already been determined. There is no reason for me to be saved by the blood of Jesus, there is no reason for anything.

Simply put life is pointless.

Luckily I know that life is not this pointless. I know I have one chance and I should live it to the fullest. I guess I prefer the atheistic alternative to this pointless theistic life.