Friday, 3 June 2016

Read the Koran - Sura 2 versus 254 - 257

This Koran reading this week is a good one, as it gives us insight into the mind and qualities of Allah. Clearly this is a good thing, as then we can test the validity of the god called Allah. So in a sense this reading is slightly different as we can test some claims.

Verse 154 is a good verse and a bad verse, as it tells people they should prepare for bad times when things are not that easy. The problem with this however is that all the blame for the bad things that are happening is placed squarely on non-Muslims.
"O you who have faith! Spend out of what We have provided you before there comes a day on which there will be no bargaining, neither friendship, nor intercession. And the faithless—they are the wrongdoers."
Clearly this verse is problematic from a social point of view, as it allows the Muslim to automatically blame anything bad that happens on the nonbelievers. So if Shia's get attacked by Sunni Muslims, the fault is clearly the nonbelievers that live in a country hundred of miles away. Perhaps, this gives some readers pause and understanding into Islamic terrorism around the world.

Verse 155 shows us all the traits of Allah, so lets break it up slowly.
"Allah—there is no god except Him— is the Living One, the All-sustainer. Neither drowsiness befalls Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth."
Allah is an eternal god, so before anything Allah existed and as such everything created belongs to Allah as he is the only entity that could have created it, as he was before it existed. Naturally this is great as we cannot prove or disprove things beyond our time and space, so Allah has to exist, just like pink invisible unicorns, spaghetti monsters, and peanut butter sand-witches.
"Who is it that may intercede with Him except with His permission?"
Different to some other religions, i.e. Catholicism, Allah is to be approached directly and not through any saint or idols. As such we can say Allah is truly a monotheistic God, but this goes in direct contrast to what we have read before in the Koran.
"He knows that which is before them and that which is behind them, and they do not comprehend anything of His knowledge except what He wishes."
Allah is omniscient, so we can be as such certain that free will does not exist. After all how can you have a choice if the answer is already determined. Also interesting to note here is that Allah gives knowledge as is necessary....well I wish he would bloody hurry up and give us some solutions to climate change and the ISIS problem.
"His seat embraces the heavens and the earth, and He is not wearied by their preservation, and He is the All-exalted, the All-supreme."
The last trait we encounter here is that god is all seeing and all powerful. Again pretty awesome, but I wish Allah would do something about all those starving children in Africa with that power that he has.
In conclusion regarding verse 155, we can come to the rational conclusion that Allah does not exist according to his own standards of all knowing, seeing and powerful. Unless, Allah is a tyrant who does not give a shit about anyone.

The next part of todays lesson tells us exactly all we need to do to go to heaven. All we need to do is believe in Allah and deny Satan and those that do Satan's work. In fact if you just do these simple things you will never ever fail. Amazingly, this is the exact crap that gets touted in Christianity. Also please remember at the same time if anything bad ever happens its because you were not believing in Allah and fraternizing with Satan and his Ilk.
"There is no compulsion in religion: rectitude has become distinct from error. So one who disavows the Rebels1 and has faith in Allah has held fast to the firmest handle for which there is no breaking; and Allah is all-hearing, all-knowing."

So, who are Satan's ilk that are doing his work?
"Allah is the Guardian of the faithful: He brings them out of darkness into light. As for the faithless, their patrons are the Rebels, who drive them out of light into darkness. They shall be the inmates of the Fire, and they shall remain in it [forever]."
Satan's followers are the unbelievers. So if you are anything but a Muslim, then you are a Satanist according to the Koran. Luckily for those devout Muslims they can smile and be happy as all us horrible Satanists are going to burn in hell forever.

Just some more reasons to realize that the doctrines of the Koran breed hatred among mankind.

The version of the Koran I am reading is the John Meadows Rodwell translation. An online version can be found at the website
Additionally, for commentary I am utilizing the commentary of Maulana Muhammad Ali which is available at