Friday, 17 June 2016

In defence of ISIS/Al-Queda etc

Recently I have been considering giving up on my blogging. After all, when I look at the irrationality concerning religion and science I wonder where we are headed as a species. The truth is the world is a far better place now than it has ever been, but the way irrational thought is making a mockery of science, politics and freedoms is very concerning. Can we honestly just pretend everything is okay when families cannot go watch a game of football, when you cannot go to a nightclub, when you cannot draw a picture of a person, when you cannot even express an opinion!

But let me explain what I mean by referring to something that I have mentioned before on this blog. Many people refuse to say that there is a problem with Islam, after all not every Muslim is a terrorist in ISIS or Al-Queda. But the facts are, that there are moderate Muslims that defend  the most despicable values of Islam. In fact I have heard a work colleague defend the acts of the Taliban in Pakistan, as they are just adhering to the Koran. I also heard this same person say that women are not equal to men, after all the Koran says this is a fact. Do these views appall me? Yes, but this is moderate Islam.

Then just last week, before Orlando and the Paris killing of the police officer, I had someone telling me that ISIS is totally justified in what they are doing and that Iraqi's and Syrians are happy with ISIS in charge. In fact this idiot went on to say that ISIS is due to the Wests interventions in Iraq. To be clear, I think it could be argued that Western intervention did help towards the creation of ISIS, but it is not the reason. To make it worse, this person double downed when I pointed out that if everyone is so happy there would be no refugee crisis. He then said, this was due to other groups like Al-Queda and western backed groups (i.e. Iraqi army, etc) that everyone is leaving. Does, this appall me? Yes, but this is moderate Islam.

Clearly these two people, are not rational. But, they are what many people would call moderate Muslims, as they do not go out and kill others. They are moderate Muslims, as they are not members of ISIS or other Islamic terrorist groups. So, yes Islam is a problem, and if you disagree then you are living in a dream.