Friday, 27 May 2016

Reading the Koran - Sura 2 Versus 249 - 253

Last week we got to see how the Koran writers could not even borrow their myths correctly from the Bible, and this week we visit some more stories in the Bible. Needless to say the writers screw it up again.

Verse 249 of Sura 2 relates the story of how King Saul chose his soldiers to go into combat with him against the Philistines.
"As Saul set out with the troops, he said, ‘Allah will test you with a stream: anyone who drinks from it will not belong to me, but those who do not drink from it will belong to me, barring someone who draws a scoop with his hand.’ But they drank from it, [all] except a few of them. So when he crossed it along with the faithful who were with him, they said, ‘We have no strength today against Goliath and his troops.’ Those who were certain they will encounter Allah said, ‘How many a small party has overcome a larger party by Allah’s will! And Allah is with the patient.’"
Now if you have read the Bible, you will know that this was not Saul that did this but rather Gideon as described in Judges 7:5-7.
"Then Jehovah said to Gidʹe·on: “Separate everyone who laps up the water with his tongue just as a dog laps, from those who bend down on their knees to drink.” The number of those lapping up the water, putting their hand to their mouth, was 300 men. The rest of the people bent down on their knees to drink. Jehovah now said to Gidʹe·on: “I will save you with the 300 men who lapped the water, and I will give Midʹi·an into your hand. But let all the other people go back home.”"
Naturally, we get told the same reasoning from Muslim apologists, as gets thrown about by Christians when they need to explain away inaccuracies in their holy book. Basically, what needs to be understood is that Saul probably followed Gideons example in choosing soldiers, and the Koran is just complimenting the Bible by giving some extra details. However, this can be easily disregarded as in 1 Samuel 17 it explicitly refers to the men of Israel and not just a group.
"Saul and the men of Israel assembled and camped in the Valley"
So once again we have the Koran, and its apologists, making up shit as it goes along, but this is meant to be the one true message from the one true God??

By the way, I do not think the Bible is accurate. The only reasoning I am referencing it as fact here, is as it is fairly obvious that the Koran was borrowing from it.

Moving on to verse 250, we get another mistake in the lending of mythology, as the Koran refers to the Philistines as the troops of Goliath
"So when they marched out for [encounter with] Goliath and his troops, they said, ‘Our Lord, pour patience upon us, make our feet steady, and assist us against the faithless lot.’"
However, in 1 Samuel again we see that this is not true as Goliath was just the champion fighter
"Then a champion came out from the camps of the Phi·lisʹtines; his name was Go·liʹath,"

Anyway, besides the error, we next hear the end of this well known story (see here if you want a detailed account). To sum it up briefly, David the king in waiting defeats Goliath, and then the Israelites go on a mass genocide and kill Philistines wherever they find them as they force them back to their cities. Importantly, this mass killing was allowed by Allah
"These are the signs of Allah which We recite for you in truth, and you are indeed one of the apostles."

Now, that Allah allows this genocide to happen is important, as the idea of having Champions in battle (i.e Goliath and David) is so that a war can be avoided. As such when David defeated Goliath, the war was over. Any fighting after that was sheer brutality, and as it is endorsed by God, we have to ask why would anyone serve this God.

 Allah approved (Source)

The last verse we will deal with here is 253, which we will deal with in sections. First off, we need to realize that some prophets, i.e. Muhammad, are more important than others. As such we should adhere to there words more than the other lesser prophets.
"These are the apostles, some of whom We gave an advantage over others: of them are those to whom Allah spoke, and some of them He raised in rank, and We gave Jesus, son of Mary, manifest proofs and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit.
Amazingly, we then get told that any bad prophecy and fighting that occurs is due to Allah allowing it to happen. How fucked up is that? I mean if you are powerful enough to admit that you allow bad stuff to happen, then you are essentially admitting what a colossal prick you are.
"Had Allah wished, those who succeeded them would not have fought each other after the manifest proofs had come to them. But they differed. So there were among them those who had faith and there were among them those who were faithless, and had Allah wished, they would not have fought one another;
I suppose the only way to understand this is by the closing fragment
"but Allah does whatever He desires."
In other words, Allah treats you like a baby. No rationalization, just pure dogma that you have to obey.

And that wraps up yet another reading of the Koran.

The version of the Koran I am reading is the John Meadows Rodwell translation. An online version can be found at the website
Additionally, for commentary I am utilizing the commentary of Maulana Muhammad Ali which is available at