Monday, 25 April 2016

The Case for Christ the movie - Part 2 Who was Jesus?

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First I feel we need to insert a disclaimer here that refers to part one of the movie. Basically for an analysis of part two of this movie we have to accept the "evidence" for factual gospels as presented in part one. However, as I have demonstrated this so called evidence is not legitimate. This needs to be kept in mind, and would erase the need for part two and three of the review. However, I feel that I should at least complete the review lest I get called out by some theist that would say I did not give it a fair chance.

So who was Jesus?

Well luckily for us silly atheist, we have couple of experts by the name of Dr Michael Rydelnik and Ben Witherington III, who are here to expose us to the evidence that Jesus was the person he is made out to be int he Bible.

First off we start with the remarkable claim, that Jesus is God and as such the rest of this blog-post and the movie will look at the evidence for this substantial claim. I would also like to point out that not all Christian believers hold onto this claim. For example Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe that Jesus is God.

The main reason we have to believe that Jesus is in fact God is due to the simple fact that he fulfilled prophecy, such as entering Jerusalem on a donkey, getting Born in Bethlehem etc. Now while all these prophecies may be truly amazing for many as proof that this is the messiah, I would like to point out an uncomfortable but just as plausible scenario. There once was man that was born in Bethlehem and had access to the ancient scriptures like all other Jews of the time. Needless to say, he saw what he needed to do to be considered the messiah and then he did it. So what I am suggesting is that Jesus was an utter fraud, and all the tools to pull of this fraud were written down for him. Add to the fact that many Jews of the time were not pleased with the direction of worship in the temples and you have great conditions to create something new, dynamic and anti-establishment. Although, I will point out here that even if Jesus did fulfill these prophecies, how does this make him God?

The second point regarding Jesus is his use of miracles, and this ties in with the prophecies made about him. As such we would expect that the Jesus prophesied would be able to do miracles. Now, if we look at the Bible we see that Jesus did miracles, however as we have ascertained in part 1 this may be a load of bollocks. Luckily for the experts they tell us that Jesus is mentioned in the Jewish Talmud as being a person who did magic. Unfortunately, it seems the experts have not read the Talmud, as you have to take massive leaps of faith to get to a Jesus in the Talmud as this name is nowhere in the Talmud. In fact any mention of Jesus in the Talmud is through the apologetics done by Christian scholars and NOT the Jewish scholars.

So was Jesus the Messiah?
Well, if we accept that the Bible as an inherent document, then we can say with certainty that Jesus is the Messiah. However, if we take it a step further and start looking at the reasons by which we need to test Jesus to see if he is Messiah. So Jesus (according to the Bible) fulfilled prophecies and performed miracles which then identifies him as the Messiah. So, what are the problems with this theory? The first part is that the Bible was written after the time and we do not have evidence from other sources that back the prophesy fulfillment. Essentially, the writer of the new testaments could have gone back and analyzed the old testament and then entered this prophecy fulfillment in their writing.

The experts interviewed, even admit that the Bible could have been altered. However, they dismiss this ticking time bomb in the brain by just saying that fraudulent behavior does not fill Jesus character. So the see the Bible as the only source, and as such the Bible cannot be incorrect, because the Bible is correct.

 In closing of this section of the documentary, Lee Strobel enters and tells us that the chance of fulfilling all these prophecies in the Bible is one in a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion etc etc etc. Okay suffice to say its a large number.

However, this number is utter tripe. If the prophecy has been written down, then all you need to do is read the prophesy and go and act it out. Then the chance of this prophesy and the others you read and acted out is ....wait for it.....not yet........more suspense.......1 in 1.

So thats part two and wow this is probably some of the the worst and deceitful apologetics ever.