Friday, 22 April 2016

Reading the Koran - Sura 2 Verse 222 - 228

In the Islamic world we see a lot of misogyny, and the next few sections of Sura 2 deal with how women should be dealt with during divorce. So brace yourself, and be prepared to be mildly surprised in some parts and horrified in others as we delve into a stone age belief set about women's rights.

So as happens in the Koran the first verse we will look at has nothing to do with divorce, instead we get told that having sex with your wife (or any women?) during her period is a sin.
"They ask you concerning [intercourse during] menses. Say, ‘It is hurtful.’ So keep away from wives during the menses, and do not approach them till they are clean. And when they become clean, go into them as Allah has commanded you. Indeed Allah loves the penitent and He loves those who keep clean."
In this verse hurtful is to be interpreted as sin, and not a concern for the women that she may not want to have sex during her period or that it could be harmful to her. By the way, it is completely okay to have sex during your period. Women are considered unclean during their period and Allah does not love unclean things. So surely if a Muslim women dies during her period she is condemned as she is unclean, this is a very misogynistic message form a god who is meant to be patient and loving. Interestingly, as soon as your wife is no longer on her period, you are commanded to have sex with her as this is Allah's way. By the way I would say Allah does not like blood, but from previous readings and the acceptance of killing I would have to say that I am wrong. The only way to try understand this verse is to accept that Allah is a misogynist.

This verse 222, has so much wrong with it, and I think this verse is not a good base on which to build from when a discussion regarding a womens place in divorce follows. It is like Donald Trump talking about stereotypes before discussing immigration reform, it sets a persons mind up for a way to protect themselves against imaginary evils.

So, what are women in Islam exactly?
"Your women are a tillage for you, so come to your tillage whenever you like, and send ahead for your souls, and be Godwary, and know that you will encounter Him; and give good news to the faithful."
That's right women are property for men to plow. Additionally, a women has zero choice when you want to plow her. Sorry for being so crass, but its not me its the Holy Koran. As such when I see stories like this image below I just have to shake my head and wonder why any women would want this.

Verse 224 and 225 deal with how we should deal with taking oaths and specifically marriage oaths. It is also where we start getting even darker than we already have. First we see that we should take oaths according to Allah's example and that is to follow the Koran and be good towards your wife and others. However, then in verse 225 we see that if you make a mistake in your oath Allah will forgive you?
"Allah shall not take you to task for what is unconsidered in your oaths, but He shall take you to task for what your hearts have incurred, and Allah is all-forgiving, all-forbearing."
Now I don't get this as how can you take an oath according to Allah and then make a mistake. Personally I believe it is giving a man an out, i.e. divorce, if he does not like his wife

Now basically, if a man think he made a mistake he has four months to think about it. If he does not go back to her in four months then technically this man and women are divorced.
""For those who forswear their wives shall be a waiting for four months. And if they recant, Allah is indeed all-forgiving, all-merciful."
According to commentary, this law is meant to protect women so that if a man just leaves without saying anything, then a women can be free and divorced after four months.  However, a women can not leave her husband, so does this really benefit women? Certainly not, but it makes sense in terms of Islam, as women are just property.

Now, I want you to read the following verses and think about what you are reading as what you are meant to be reading may surprise you.
"Allah shall not take you to task for what is unconsidered in your oaths, but He shall take you to task for what your hearts have incurred, and Allah is all-forgiving, all-forbearing.
For those who forswear their wives shall be a waiting for four months. And if they recant, Allah is indeed all-forgiving, all-merciful.
But if they resolve on divorce, Allah is indeed all-hearing, all-knowing."
According to the commentaries these versus show that women can claim a divorce........Uhhhhhmmmm WTF, seriously how they get there is beyond me. I guess when you want to justify your chauvinism you need to make shit up.

Next, we see that a women must wait at least three months after her divorce before moving on. This makes sense we consider the time the book was written, as it allows for a women to realize if she is pregnant and then the ex-husband can either reconcile or at least pay maintenance. So this is rather remarkable considering the time in which it was written.

In closing, I feel once again it is necessary to highlight  a part of verse 228 which is used as proof that women have equal rights to men in Islam.
"The wives have rights similar to the obligations upon them, in accordance with honourable norms; and men have a degree above them, and Allah is all-mighty and all-wise."
Here again, I am not sure what crack the apologists are smoking, as it clearly states that men are a degree above women.

So there you have it, according to Islam, women are objects to plow to your hearts content. Or you can enter the 21st century and accept everyone on equal terms.

Just another reason to see Islam for what it truly is.

The version of the Koran I am reading is the John Meadows Rodwell translation. An online version can be found at the website
Additionally, for commentary I am utilizing the commentary of Maulana Muhammad Ali which is available at