Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Reading the Bible - Genesis 22

Today's reading is that fascinating story which gets heralded by Christians all around the world to demonstrate what true devotion to the one and only God is. That is right its time to lead the lamb to the slaughter and read about Abraham and his attempted Filicide. It is one of those stories that when you get told it as a young child you cant grasp it, but somehow you convince yourself that it is right. Its that story that some adults still do mental gymnastics to believe is an act of true sacrifice and devotion. Its that story that rational people look at, and say "Dam that Abraham deserved to be put away in the Big House."In a nutshell without using any actual versus from the Bible this is what happens in the story.


Abraham one night is chilling in his tent when he hears Gods voice say to Him "Abraham if you really love me, then you will take your son and murder him so that I can smell his blood as it wafts up to me on a plume of smoke." Of course Abraham realized that he was not hearing voices, as God speaks to people all the time and so anyone hearing voices must be sane. Anyway instead of debating the issue a little bit, like he did with the destruction of a city full of sinners, Abraham decides this is what has to be done to appease his loving and caring "and non-tyrannical-jelous-infanticidal" God. So the next morning Abraham gets some wood, two slaves and his son Isaac and sets of to the appointed hill which God is going to show him. As Abraham did not have GPS in those days, God told him just to walk in a general direction and he will show Abraham where this is all meant to happen.

After three days of walking, Abraham sees the mountain which God points out to him at this point, perhaps I should mention that at no point does God actually say that this is the mountain so my guess is that Abraham was just tired of walking about. After seeing the mountain, Abraham tells his slaves to wait around while he and Isaac and the wood go for a walk up the mountain to pray to God. While they are walking up the mountain Isaac smells a rat, as he asks his dad "hey why is there no sacrifice? I mean I see the rope and wood and knife.....but I dont see an animal". But quick on his toes Abraham counters "never mind son, God will provide." Wink wink nudge nudge.

At the top of the mountain Abraham grabs Isaac and ties him up. Naturally here we don't hear what Isaac is going through, as well its not really important apparently. So Abraham then goes about building the altar for the sacrifice and piling on the wood, before he finally tops it with a bound Isaac. Then as Abraham has the knife hovering above Isaac and is about to murder.....a voice booms from the sky and its Gods angel who says "Don't do that, look over there I have a goat caught in the bushes for you." Abraham with a grin then unbinds Isaac and grabs the goat with which he can sate his blood lust as well as that of the God he loves. Naturally Abraham gets blessed for this whole endeavor, as God tells him that his offspring will be many.

That is the story of Abraham, Isaac and the attempted sacrifice. This is the story that is meant to make you feel dedicated to God. If you do not believe me navigate to the Bible linked below and read it for yourself.

To me, this really sounds like God fits the abuser profile. To all Christians, seriously look at the profile, and try convince yourself that your God does not fit some of those characteristics. Your God is an abuser and I want you to not be abused anymore.

That was Genesis 22 and just one more good reason not to praise God.

All verses come from the New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures.
Online version available at the Jehovah's Witnesses official website