Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ok....wait....what.....can someone please explain this

Sometimes, you see something, and all you are capable of doing is to sit dumbfounded. This picture is one of these things that left me utterly gobsmacked for days

Don't get me wrong, I would like to think that any phobia (i.e. xenophobia, racism, politicophobia, etc.) is not a good thing. Although, it could be argued that Oophidiophobia is a good thing, but I digress. So I asked myself the question, "why would a community that stands in sin when looked at from a belief set held by a specific group, in this case Islam, stand up for this group?" The simple answer is that as a previously/currently discriminated against group, this group has a lot of respect for discriminated against minorities, as they have been through the same thing. This is something that should be applauded on a basic level, I do however believe that it fails in the much bigger picture.

In the past I have asked the question why would a  a gay person want to get married in a church? In essence I believe that the existence of a LGBT group that stands in any way or form for Islam, misses the small fact that Islamic proponents would rather see them dead. So, while I appreciate the condoning of Islamophobia, especially as an atheist who likewise gets discriminated against, I think that this group would be wise to seek some assurance from the community that they are standing for that they will not get hacked to death or something equally horrific. The problem is they will never get this assurances as Islam, like all good Abrahamic religions, hates homosexuality.

So, as I said in the headline, can someone please explain this?