Monday, 14 March 2016

South African Airport Crime

Recently I was in South Africa visiting my parents and I will write more about my great experience at the Cradle of Humankind in the following weeks. However, today is a rant as I just don't get the way criminal activity is dealt with at South African airports.

If you are a frequent international traveler, you may at times see something like the picture below traveling around a baggage carousel, or you may see the same thing being dragged about by a tired traveler.

So, what is this mystical object of international and domestic South African travel? This is a few private companies solution to baggage theft at South African airports. All it costs you is a few dollars to have your bag wrapped in layers and layers of cellophane and this in essence stops a lot of theft at the airport. The idea behind it is that it takes so much time for the thieves to unwrap the bag that they would rather avoid it all together.

My question is why is the government not trying to actually do something about this instead of allowing a private industry to profit out of crime prevention. Is it not the governments job to make sure that crime decreases? In fact should this bag wrapping service not be offered free due to the ineptness of the government to do their job?

My advice for travelers to and in South Africa, get travel insurance and wrap your luggage. But more importantly, make sure that this information about your experience gets shown around the world and shared around the world. Maybe with shame finally something will be done about crime in a country which has so much to be proud off.