Monday, 8 February 2016

Prepare to be disgusted again by Christian pseudo-medicine

All pictures in this blogpost are screen shots from the video presented, and are not my own work.

Meet Brain Chambers, a medical researcher and science writer, this is the person who is introducing you to Mark Stengler. Dr Mark Stengler aka Miracle Mark, the man that can cure cancer, diabetes, back pain, and anything else that has ever plagued you.

If you have time you can hear the tear jerking stories of cancer patients that have been cured from stage four cancer. You also get to hear what a great guy Dr Stengler is as Brain lives out his man crush online. You too can get fooled into giving money so that you can get well. Unfortunately you have to go to the webpage to watch this video and so I cannot embed it here, as the file is not on YouTube or any other public domain server which allows embedding. Honestly, if you do not know how frauds work I would suggest you go watch that link.

How can I be sure this is a fraud, well just for one thing the name has changed from the "Matthew 4 Protocol" to the "Garden of Eden protocol" from the first time I saw the video (2015) until I re-watched it for this post (January 2016). Next, the studies they say exist to support this "protocol" do not exist.

Of course I always feel that I should give credit where it is due. So there is one thing I certainly can agree with in the video? When they say people are desperate they are right. If you are dying you will try anything, and you can more easily get mislead into trying stupid natural solutions that do not work. Just ask Steve Jobs why natural remedies are not a good idea.

Additionally, you get told that you can get a book free from this great Christian healer. So I decided to apply for the book. Unfortunately the book is not free, and there is no surprise there after all it is a massive fraud. All you need to do is sign up for Dr Stenglers Health Revelations which has a minimal cost of 20 cents a day. Luckily for the world, they also say that this book will never get sold in store.

Naturally at  this point in the fraud I got told that I only have 19 minutes to apply for the treatment, and that I am only one out of 400 that will get all the benefits. Amazingly this video has been online for over a year and there are still only 400 people that have seen this video. Its truly is incredible how lucky I am! Yes, that is me being ironic.

At the end of the day all we need to do is to go all natural. Why are we wasting our time with medicine? Of course it has to be the correct natural medicine. You know not that carrot on the left but the one on the right.

Pseduo-medicine, pseudo-science and a hack selling false dreams to people that are dying already. Disgusting.