Monday, 1 February 2016

I am back, and why I left

While on hiatus, due to a number of reasons, I was thinking about what is the point of blogging. After all it seems that the theists are dead set in their ways, and if the recent attacks by the goat fucking pig eaters (GFPEs, otherwise known by their alias ISIS) are anything to go by then it is a battle that is long lost. However, in the civilized world religion is dying. Yet this is also the part of the world that does not have to worry about GFPEs or otherwise intolerant retards.

So again the question, why blog?

The answer to me is simple, and hopefully one that will keep me going. At the end of the day if the religious freaks bring ruin on the world, somewhere there will be an archive with these writings and similar ones which will serve as a reminder that not everyone was so screwed up.Yes, I have lost a lot of hope in humanity. Probably for the best as really there seem to be a lot more morons running around these days.

Morons like the Muslim that told me man had never been on the moon as it conflicts with his Koran beliefs. Morons like the anti-abortionists that cannot get it through their head that removing a few cells is not murder. Morons that oppose GMOs as they believe it is monster food designed to kill us, while ignoring that no science backs them up. Many of theses morons in fact are one of the contributing factors to my hiatus, that and work.

In conclusion, do I still intend debating people with false beliefs? Perhaps on a special occasion under the right conditions. But mostly I am just not bothered with dealing with the drama that comes attached with false beliefs. So if this blog in the future does not deal with up to date topics, realize that probably I just could not be bothered to engage the stupidity.