Monday, 14 September 2015

Who are these people?

 In this post I am going to show either my ignorance, or the vast amounts of luck I encounter.

It annoys me so much when I see SJWs and Christians complaining about equality. It is as if they live in an alternate reality to mine where there is discrimination against them constantly and that the only way society can move forward is by listening to them and applying their irrationality to our lives. Yet, I look around myself and I just do not see this happening at every turn as is being claimed. If I try to fit their stereotypes it gets even worse, as I have never raped a women, I have never physically harmed or discriminated against someone based on their religion and I have never supported the discrimination against minorities.

To be clear, this does not mean discrimination does not take place. Hell, I grew up in Apartheid South Africa so I am well aware of what discrimination is. In fact the racism currently present against white people in South Africa in itself is something that I am aware of. This does not mean that in some countries women are discriminated against, all we need to do is look to Saudi Arabia and the Islamic laws to know what chauvinism is. But this is why I ask the question, who are these people that are so anti-equality? Most of these Christians and SJWs operate in the most civilized societies in the world yet claim inequality. So I want to know, who are these people that are making women wear clothes they do not want to wear? Who are these people that are not allowing Christians to celebrate Christmas? Who are these people that discriminate based on skin color? Because I know the answer to the question, who are these people that do not understand what the word discriminate means?

You know I do not care if someone is a women or a man, if that person can do the job then they deserve to get it.Naturally, that means if the man is more qualified then he deserves to get it above the woman and vice versa. This is not discrimination this is equality. Even when I was a Christian I did not try force my will on anyone, as I realized that it is wrong to want to do this. What astounds me still is that most theists cannot see this in the terms I could when I was a theist. Perhaps I was just to darn liberal? I also do not care about a character in a TV series, be they black, white, male, transgender, pink, purple etc. The only thing to me is that the actor/actress can act and make the character likable. For example, I used to watch Tia Carrere play Sydney Fox in Relic Hunter many many moons ago and I really enjoyed it as she was like Indiana Jones in a way. Now I am sure the criticism against this character will be to do with fitting a stereotype which just shows you cannot win as Fox was a great character.

If you are a SJW or Theistic bigot, just wake up and actually observe reality, or otherwise educate me as I do not see where this discrimination is taking place.