Monday, 28 September 2015

When religion causes hurt

I have said it before and I will say it again. Religion has horrific real life effects. Effects which I have witnessed personally growing up in Apartheid and Post-Apartheid South Africa.

I would say most of these experiences came during the Post-Apartheid years when I went to University and during this time I got to see what actually was going on. Growing up in my parents house was actually rather pleasant and liberal so I never really thought blacks were having a bad time as discrimination was not the a thing that was done in our house. Naturally the house and small town I lived in then was the world for me at that point, so as a young kid I really was not well exposed to the harsh realities.

The one things that did happen in Post-Apartheid South Africa was that the white supremacist group called the AWB and its military arm remained. Basically these people want to secede and form their own white state. And yes, they are still active, although they are far more apt at making spectacles of themselves that actually causing harm. After that diatribe of sorts, let me present a picture I found on the internet a few weeks back. This is the book cover to the AWB's Iron Gaurds (YsterGarde) who were basically the wannabe marines of the AWB. What you will note in the picture is the AWB symbol which draws remarkable resemblance to the Nazi Swastika. However, this symbol is three sevens, and we should know that seven is the number of completeness or perfection in the Bible, and as such this represents the victory over Satan and his symbolic number 666.

Needless to say these guys are fruit loops that can believe what they want and say what they want, but none the less they still have a few screws loose upstairs. This is what religion does to you, it makes those screws in your head a little less tighter. Oh and if you were wondering more about that emblem and its relation to National Socialism, I will just leave this here.

Sigh, I guess the apologetic answer is that they are not real Christians.