Monday, 21 September 2015

Understanding governmental policies on contentious ideas

This has got nothing to do with atheism, then again a lot of content on my blog has got nothing to do with atheism. Sometimes, or often, there are things that need to be thought about and said and who knows maybe someone sees what I have to say and builds on it or discredits it. Either way we need to look at bigger pictures and I think what I will say here today will help some understand governmental policies and why they often go counter to what we see as logic and humane.

The recent immigration crisis in Europe as well as Australia really opened the door for this blogpost as it is such a massive problem that tugs at all the right heartstrings. I would go so far as to say that I think that everyone has humanity and is on board to save refugees from war torn countries. However, it is really not that easy just to say lets save the refugees without considering what that entails for the individual and general public. So let us explore the reality of this situation and see what would happen if we decided to just save everyone.

Realistically, what would happen to a country if they decided to do the right thing and save all the refugees? There would be a major shift in employment opportunities as businesses adapt, this would probably result in a decreased income coming towards every house which in turn would lead to less luxuries and an increased cost of living as supply and demand take their toll. Surely this would have to happen as if you are letting the refugees in, you can't be a inhumane person and just expect them not to work. On the other hand you can adopt a policy of not letting them work. In this case the cost of housing, medical, and feeding etc etc etc has to be covered by someone and that someone is going to be the people that live in the country and earn money. In effect the result is the same, and its one that I believe on a very select few people are willing to take. However, for this plan to be effective everyone in the country (or a very very large majority) has to be in agreement that this is the right thing to do. In reality  this is not what the current status of most people in countries are as they suffer with their own financial difficulties and problems.

I am sure some people will suggest well we can always just tax the rich more, but that is not realistic as why should one subgroup of people carry the burden of a whole country's decision? This kind of decisions builds animosity between people and divides countries and probably would lead to even more problems than those outlined above when and if the wealthy decide to move. Additionally, then that whole euphoria feeling of individuals in a country who accepted all refugees, but adopted a policy of taxing the rich would plainly be pathetic as they have nothing to be proud of.

Its a sad thing to recognize these problems and accept that we still have a long way to go as a human race. However, lets be clear in these understandings and then we can comprehend unpopular governmental decisions as well as make our voice heard towards progress in policies that will effectively deal with these situations when they arise.