Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Temporary Hiatus

I should have published this a while ago, but I thought it would all be handeled so here is the delayed announcement. There still may be posts as some are scheduled, but I will not be actively blogging so if it goes quite you have been notified.

Due to some unavoidable personal issues, I have to go on a temporary hiatus. I will be back and hopefully it is not an extended break. Nothing too serious but I just need to sort some shit out.I would like to say "I am battling demons," but then theists would probably say, "see I told you that demons are real." So, instead, here is Thor battling a demon
Or IronMan battling his demons
No, I am not an alcoholic and no I am not going to hell to fight Satan. Well, I suppose according to most major religions I am going to hell, but realistically not so much.