Friday, 25 September 2015

Reading the Koran - Sura 2 Verses 113-122

Verse 113 of Sura two continues where we left off last week in its attack on the other Abrahamic religions showing why it is the one and only true way to Allah. Interestingly, it adopts all the well known apologetics tactics that are common knowledge to any non-believer who has ever had to encounter a rabid theist. The first thing that we see is the Koran telling us that Jews do not believe Christians as they believe their faith is based on nothing and vice versa.
"Moreover, the Jews say, "The Christians lean on nought:" "On nought lean the Jews," say the Christians"
However, I thought it would be good to improve this Sura and so here is my improved Koran version of verse 113.
"Moreover, the Jews say, "The Christians and Muslims lean on nought:" "On nought lean the Jews and Muslims," say the Christians, while the Muslims say "Them Jews and Christians lean on nothing too""
What is interesting is that Allah does state that Jews and Christians will get judged based on the Old Testament, as that is the book that they share. This is interesting as it sort of gives Christians and Jews a way out of judgement as they essentially are susceptible to only interpreting their book of multiple choice correctly while ignoring the Koranic book of multiple choice.
"But on the resurrection day, God shall judge between them as to that in which they differ."
So there is a chance that the Jews or the Christians sects that are interpreting the Old Testament correctly will be going to Paradise with Allah and all the other Muslims. This concept is very interesting as we have seen how peaceful and tolerant Muslims are with other believers in the Middle East.My guess is Paradise will be a pretty rough place to go if it is real.

Verse 114 is striking as it tells us that the most severe sin a person can commit is to stop someone else from worshiping Allah either through prohibition or destruction of a temple.
"And who committeth a greater wrong than he who hindereth God's name from being remembered in his temples, and who hasteth to ruin them?"
In fact the punishment for this is twofold as you will get shamed in this life for doing that, and you will get eternally tortured in the afterlife. I think this message is a good reason why many believers are so strict with their prayers as would you really want to get on the wrong side of Allah when you are going to get double punishment.

Verse 116 is our first encounter of Jesus in the Koran, where it explicitly states that you are not to worship Jesus as God. To Christians reading this you have been warned.
"And they say, "God hath a son:" No! Praise be to Him!"
The reason for this is given in the next line where it explains to us that God is the only creator and as such God cannot have a son who is himself God as that would imply that there is another creator and that is obviously just ridiculous.

Next up is the common theme that we find across many religions, and that is basically shut yourself off to knowledge and do not ask questions. All that you need to do is trust the Koran and Mohammad's words, because well why would he lie? I mean he is the messenger of Allah after all because he said he was the messenger of Allah and I mean no one would ever lie about something like that.......coughs Jim Jones, David Koresh....
"And they who have no knowledge say, "Unless God speak to us, or thou shew us a sign . . . !" So, with like words, said those who were before them: their hearts are alike: Clear signs have we already shewn for those who have firm faith: Verily, with the Truth have we sent thee, a bearer of good tidings and a warner: and of the people of Hell thou shalt not be questioned."
So as you can see all the miracles have been performed in the past and one person wrote down what they saw. As such without further verification we are meant to believe everything as the miracles have happened, and the person that saw the miracles and asking us to trust them is the person who saw the miracle and wrote it down. If this makes your brain hurt, that is a good thing as at this point all you should be doing is trusting the Koran and not actually trying to determine if it is true.

Verse 120 gives us advice how to witness to Christians and Jews, with the following wisdom.
"But until thou follow their religion, neither Jews nor Christians will be satisfied with thee. SAY: Verily, guidance of God, - that is the guidance! And if, after "the Knowledge" which hath reached thee, thou follow their desires, thou shalt find neither helper nor protector against God."
So basically, what the Koran is saying is do not adopt any new methods to convince people, rather stick with the same methods that the other Abrahamic religions use, i.e. its true because the Koran said it is true. I mean, surely if you realize this method has not worked for the other religions you would offer up better advice to convince people. This advice is so bad that I am getting the feeling that Allah fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on his way down.

In closing I want to point out a theme that I mentioned last week, and that is to do with actually understanding the Koran. Apparently, it is really simple to understand, as we get the following message
"They to whom we have given the Book, and who read it as it ought to be read, - these believe therein: but whoso believeth not therein, shall meet with perdition."
Straight up tripe, the Koran is a bigger book of multiple choice than the Bible as it is so difficult to understand, as such there is so much room to "read it as it ought to be read". This does create problems and will continue to create problems until we can educate people enough so that they do not believe in fairy tales anymore.

See you next week for a continuation of this voyage in the Koran.

The version of the Koran I am reading is the John Meadows Rodwell translation. An online version can be found at the website
Additionally, for commentary I am utilizing the commentary of Maulana Muhammad Ali which is available at