Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Reading the Bible - Genesis 9-10

Genesis 9 is an interesting chapter, as we get God reasserting his covenant from Genesis 8 that he will never flood the world again. This is done 3 times, just so that we have no doubt that Gods genocidal ways are a thing of the past. It is almost like the abusive spouse that pleads they will never do it again, and even though we want to believe it wont happen it will....SPOILER "it does".

So, how does God finally affirm that he is not lying about his covenant? He says that a rainbow will appear in the sky every time there is a cloud. Now for a ,moment lets forget that this is scientifically inaccurate as clouds can be in the sky with no rainbow. Why does God need a rainbow? Truthfully, the answer is simply horrible as it shows God is anything but trustworthy as he says he needs the rainbow to remind him that killing everyone is a bad idea!
"And God added: ...........And the rainbow will occur in the cloud, and I will certainly see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of every kind on the earth."

What I do not get is that God tells Noah and his sons that every living thing is going to fear and be terrified of man. Seriously, why would you get rid of evil using a mass genocide and then the first thing you do after is make everything terrified of man? That seems like a really stupid thing to do.
"A fear of you and a terror of you will continue upon every living creature of the earth and upon every flying creature of the heavens, upon everything that moves on the ground and upon all the fish of the sea."
However, this makes sense with respect to the miracle diet that God now gives man, as he says that man is now allowed to eat every moving animal and all green vegetation. Although importantly with this new diet, you are not to allowed to take part of the blood of any animal. This is apparently because the soul is maintained in the blood and as such you will be partaking of the soul even though you cannot partake of the soul. Amazingly, this verse (and others) is used by the Jehovah's witnesses as evidence that they should not receive blood transfusions. Apparently, its better to die than to get a blood transfusion which seems very strange and very irresponsible when this idea is getting forced on children who have not yet reached an age to make a responsible decision for themselves on whether they want to die idiotically or not.

Regarding the eating of all green vegetation, this means that the trees of Good and Evil and Life got magically disappeared during the flood, but its not important that it stayed behind as the sin of Adam was still carried through to Noah. Now, the fact that original sin remains even after a mass genocide may seem weird (and it is totally screwed up) however it is the most integral part of the Christian faith, otherwise the Bible would be finished after the flood and then we would not be allowed to discriminate in the name of God.

In verse 5 we see a truly amazing thing, as it is where God tells us that we will have to give an account of ourselves on judgement day. But, have no fear not just man will have to give an account, every living thing (dog, cat, tree, giraffe, walrus etc.) will have to give an account of their life. Also, if that is not weird enough, you will also be required to give an account of your brother. To be fair, I think the term brother is meant to mean anyone you know, otherwise we have to just forget that women exist and get on with it. So, it is completely okay to judge your brother according to God after all how can you give an account if you are not able to determine what was good and bad?
"I will demand an accounting from every living creature; and from each man I will demand an accounting for the life of his brother."

The close of Genesis 9 is the story of Noah and his drinking problem, and really it is an eye opening story as we get to see what happens to people who want to expose the truth. Now Ham saw his father naked and passed out in his tent, so he goes out to tell his brothers Seth and Japheth. These brothers then go into the tent with their back turned and cover their father with a blanket. When Noah finally sobers up and hears what happened, he then curses Ham and his descendants to become a slave for his brothers and theirs. So basically, if you expose the truth and talk about it like Ham did, then you will get chastised and made a slave, also remember that Ham just walked into the tent there was no way he could have known that Noah was drunk and naked. In contrast his sons that ignored the truth (i.e. walked backwards and ignored the sight) got blessed. I should point out here that this verse about Ham getting cursed as a slave is also the verse that many churches used to show that enslavement of other races was Gods way.

Genesis 10 is another of the famous Biblical genealogy chapters, although of course there are weird and interesting nuances if you take a look. Like verse 5, where you have to apply some serious apologetics to get over the fact that islands are not islands.
"From these the inhabitants of the islands spread into their lands, according to their languages and their families and by their nations."
Apparently, this is easily done as all we need to realize is that as no one lived on island then they cannot be islands but instead coastal regions. Also I should point out that language deviation here is rather remarkable as when these families of Japheth spread out, this was only after three generations as such almost every family must have spoken a different language. Additionally, we see that the other sons Ham and Seth did not live on "Islands" like their brother Japheth. So yes, this verse is actually that screwed up and I am meant it take this book as truth.

In closing just remember that great saying
"Just like Nimrod, a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah."
I am guessing you did not know this well known saying? However according to the Bible it is meant to be a really well known saying as Nimrod was the first hunter on Earth and that did not please God.

See you next time.

All verses come from the New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures.
Online version available at the Jehovah's Witnesses official webs