Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Alan Kurdi's dead body was a message from God

Did you you know that Alan Kurdi's dead body was a message from God?

Well according to his aunt Tima it is.
 "“I feel this little Alan was a message from God to wake up the world,” Kurdi said. “And I am the messenger here.”"
 Now I know this lady is hurting, but this is unacceptable as the reason Alan is dead is due to false belief in God and there really is no need to blemish his death by adding another layer of false belief.

I actually did not want to put this picture here, as it does upset me. But the truth of the matter is that if we are saying anything about a God we should be saying that belief in a God that does this is disgusting.
Lets cut the crap and put the blame where it belongs and that is on irrational belief in a God. The reason this child and many others are dead is due to irrational belief. The reason that civilians are dying is due to belief in a God for which there is no evidence. The reason people are getting tortured is due to that belief that magic exists.

Screw the goat shagging pork eating rapist murderers that are Isis, and screw false beliefs.