Sunday, 13 September 2015

A highly unpopular post on feminism

I have written about feminism before, and why I think it is not about equality. In fact I have gotten into trouble for expressing opinions about feminism and that it is not about equality. So today I thought I would post some memes and graphs that I found on the web that made me think "that actually is a valid point". Thing is I am all for equality, but most importantly I am for a rational discussion about equality and I think feminism poisons that discussion by adopting illogical stances. So lets start and I will include a line below each meme as to what it made me think about.
The wage gap is a real thing apparently, although the info-graphic below would point out that it is not so. However, I think the meme above makes a very succinct point about the wage gap, i.e. can it really be real when we look at it rationally.
But lets move on from the wage gap and get into really absurd points that modern feminists bring up.
You can't ignore some answers that use the same line of reasoning when you are trying to create a point. This is something many theists run into as well.
Same point as above, but yet we do not see feminists complaining about He-Man which is what would be happening if Feminism was about equality.
Now this starts getting into uncomfortable territory not only for feminists but many people. Again, it is a very valid point when we consider it rationally.

The last picture is not a meme, but actually the reason why feminism is problematic and why many people will never identify as feminist. Although in the past, many of these same people who reject it now would have accepted it.