Saturday, 1 August 2015

Sarah Bland's suicide as an analogy to pre-supposition theistic belief

At the risk of courting controversy I am posting about Sarah Bland's tragic death and how it relates to theistic belief. While, this may seem to be bad taste, I think there is a very important lesson to be learned from this and its not about race. This post is about analyzing the evidence and following it to the rational conclusion, even when this is not what you want the conclusion to be.

Sarah Bland's family have stated multiple times that they do not believe that she was suicidal, with others even assuming that foul play was present in her death. So what do the facts tell us?

One obvious question is why was she in jail for three days after a minor traffic violation?
Well this is question has been answered. Simply put, she or her family could not find the $500 to afford bail. Probably the bail would have been less (or there would have been none) if she did not allegedly kick the police officer.

So what happened during this traffic violation. Well some "rational commentators" like Kyle Kulinski would like you to believe that she was doing nothing wrong as she moved out of the way of the cop who was tailgating her. See the video below.

Although, this is in clear contradiction where we see Sandra changing lanes without the cop tailgating her. He was literally behind her for four seconds and two of those were while slowing down at an intersection, where cars usually close in on each other. So this claim is utter tripe, but look at the video below and see for yourself. Anyway, we can conclude she was arrested for a very clear violation and subsequent behavior. As such her incarceration was justified.

The question of drugs in her body is something a lot of people are finding hard to believe, but why? We hear about people in jail using drugs all the time. But never mind that, if she was carrying marijuana in the car it is entirely plausible that she swallowed it all before the cop got to her car. How do I know this is a possibility? I have had friends that have done this exact trick to avoid getting a drug possession charge. We should also note that marijuana can take a long time to clear the body and it is a depressant. I bring this point about depressant up, as if your are (or have been) suicidal you should probably be staying clear of marijuana.

Lastly, when all was said and done and fingers pointed we finally got the autopsy report. This report concluded that there was no foul play in Sarah Bland's death, and agrees with the video footage from outside her cell which shows no one entering and leaving before her body was found.

So what do we know?

We know she committed suicide, she had drugs in her system, and she did not react well during her arrest. The evidence is their, but if you have a pre-supposition belief its difficult to accept these conclusions. My hope is that her family will accept the second autopsy results which they requested. When this information will be made public, or if it is made public, is not certain.

On the other hand, I could be completely wrong. In which case I eagerly await the second autopsy results to be released to the public to prove this to me.