Friday 21 August 2015

Reading the Koran - Sura 2 Verse 30-39

Sura 2 Verses 30-39 is the Koran interpretation of the creation of Adam the first man in Allah's image. In this version we get a picture of Allah talking to the angels and telling them he plans to create Adam and put him on Earth.  By the way remember that Adam was created to be put on Earth, as this is important for later.

"When thy Lord said to the angels, "Verily, I am about to place one in my stead on earth,""
The next part of this story is interesting and shows Allah's true nature.The angels are irritated as they are not happy that they are being usurped by Adam. The angels are annoyed as they seem to know Adam is going to raise havoc. But Allah tells them to relax as he says Adam like him will have more knowledge than the angels and as such he should be respected.
"they said, "Wilt thou place there one who will do ill therein and shed blood, when we celebrate thy praise and extol thy holiness?" God said, "Verily, I know what ye know not.""
But Allah is a deceitful one, as he then teaches Adam all the names of all the things on Earth. At this point he takes Adam back to the angels and challenges them to know the names of all the things on Earth. They obviously do not know as Allah did not teach them and so they are super impressed that Adam has this "innate" knowledge. That's right Allah is a right twat.
"They said, "Praise be to Thee! We have no knowledge but what Thou hast given us to know. Thou! Thou art the Knowing, the Wise.""

At this point Allah demeans the angels even more by making them bow down to worship Adam. All the angels at this point bow down to Adam except for one who goes by the name Eblis aka Satan. Interestingly, Satan at this point was not thrown out of heaven, and while this might not make immediate sense it does in a weird mythological way as the Garden with the tree of transgression is also in Heaven. At this point Adam and his female companion get placed in the Garden and lo and behold Stan tempts them to eat the magic fruit.

The repercussions of eating of this fruit are rather severe as Satan, Adam and the female partner (who is unnamed) are thrown out of heaven and made to go to Earth.
"But Satan made them slip from it, and caused their banishment from the place in which they were. And we said, "Get ye down, the one of you an enemy to the other: and there shall be for you in the earth a dwelling-place, and a provision for a time.""
There are two problems with this verse. Problem one, why was Satan not kicked out after his first indiscretion. Number two, Allah clearly knew Adam was going to sin and eat the fruit as when he made Adam he said it was so his image could live on Earth, yet he first placed Adam in Heaven to live. As with the Christian God you have to wonder how twisted Allah is, he puts the tree in the Garden from which one must not eat while at the same time allowing the angel that does not respect Adam to stay in heaven.

From this creation of man story we get to see Allah's true nature of twisted ass-hat, but to make himself look better he then tells us if man follows the laws and prays to Allah he can be forgiven for his sins and as such regain his position in heaven with his virgins. Of course Adam at this point also gets told that if he does not follow the word of Allah he will end up burning in hell fire. I am not even sure what to say regarding this, as it really is appalling how Allah is treating Adam considering that Adam really has no choice in all of this. We could only assume Adam had freewill if the Koran did not include this story.

So there you have it, the second post on the Koran and we know that free will certainly does not exist in or according to the Islamic religion. Additionally, we have learned that Allah is deceitful and very twisted.

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The version of the Koran I am reading is the John Meadows Rodwell translation. An online version can be found at the website