Friday, 7 August 2015

Reading the Koran - The John Medows Rodwell translation

The version of the Koran I will be using while I read through it (again) will be the John Meadows Rodwell translation which can be found at the website. As for the Bible version, I am including a picture of my Koran here to show I am not making this up.

Interestingly, my friend was saying to me you probably bought this Koran (it was not gratis) as you can then burn it. But be rest assured to any Muslims reading this, I am not going to burn this Koran as I am reading it and blogging what I find so do not come Jihad me okay? I mean I even gave the Koran a pretty background to make it look more pleasant to your eyes. This is all done to prevent any violence :)

Okay, enough teasing lets get onto this translation and why this specific translation. The Rodwell translation from my understanding is in fact a pretty decent translation. However, I do not have much information to go on regarding this translation which brings me to my next point. Honestly, from my discussions with various Muslims it does not matter what translation of the Koran I read as if it is not in Arabic its all lost in translation and not the true message from Allah. This is great apologetics, while at the same time showing that Allah is not all powerful as he cannot ensure a simple translation is flawless. Additionally, I am not going to study Arabic just for the sole purpose of reading the Koran. So, if you are reading any of these posts and take exception to the translations please feel free to tell me why its wrong and how Allah screwed up so bad.

Fun fact John Meadows Rodwell was friends with Darwin. This is probably reason enough for any Islamic scholar to dismiss this translation as he was in bed with the devil incarnate. See you all next week when we start getting into the madness a.k.a the true word of the one and only God except the other one that gets discussed on Wednesdays.