Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reading the Bible - Answering questions and comments

When I first announced to some discussion group members over on Google+ that I was going to be reading the Bible there were many questions leveled at me. Some valid, and some that can be ignored. Nonetheless, I thought that I would give a run down of the more important questions asked of me.

1) Why are you using the New Word Translation (NWT)? This is usually followed by something to the effect of it is a heretical translation.

The NWT is considered by many Christians to be heretical, for the predominant reason that the Jehovah's Witness (JW's) organization rejects the idea of the trinity. However, this rejection of an interpretation of the Bible does not make the translation any less valid than other translations. All it means is that the JW's organization that published this translation came to a different conclusion regarding the validity of the trinity.

2) What commentaries will you use while reading the Bible?

This is an interesting point as I am not very sure I want to engage commentaries unless I necessarily have to. Commentaries in my opinion are not helpful in most cases as they are coming from a biased perspective and secondly I may get involved in bashing the commentary and not the bible. For example the Guzik commentary of Genesis 1 goes into discussing evolution and I am pretty sure that will either keep me discussing Genesis 1 forever or irritate me so much that I will focus on debunking the commentary. Lastly, if the Bible is the word of God surely it can stand alone without commentary?

3) Will you use other versions of the Bible?

At times I will certainly use various versions of the Bible for the same reason I may refer to a commentary.

Hope this clarifies any questions and gives insight into the Bible reading which starts tomorrow :)