Monday, 3 August 2015

Rationalism and BioLogos

BioLogos is a website created by Francis Collins back in 2007. As I often criticize various theist groups on my blog, I thought I would take the chance to applaud a Christian website that focuses on science to the point that they fully embrace the scientific method and hence conclusions. A quick look at their mission statement makes this abundantly clear, when in point seven we get the following statement "We believe that the methods of science are an important and reliable means to investigate and describe the world God has made." Now, while this still means that God is accepted as factual with no evidence. The fact that the scientific method is embraced leads to conclusions that secularists and atheists can only be happy with and this is what we should really care about organizations like this and the work they do within the theistic community.

The acceptance of the facts about evolution from single cell to mutilcellular organisms and man evolving from an ancestor that shared a common origin with the other great apes is refreshing. Granted they do believe that the mutations that occur are not chance, but rather directed by the God man. However, it is through this special relationship with God that they are are willing to accept the major facts about evolution. Excitingly, this foundation is not promoting the teaching of creationism over evolution in schools as they know that old and young Earth creationism is utter tripe.

The one thing that I did not find on the BioLogos website was an official position on homosexuality and the science behind it. This is pretty sad for a website which promotes science, as the facts are in that homosexuality has very strong genetic links. None the less, this means that any homophobic stances by members of this group are just that homophobic. They are unable to hide behind their religion as an excuse to be a bigot, they have to embrace the fact that they are a bigot and live with it as that is what their mission statement implies.

So what about the future? The one concern is that BioLogos could potentially be hijacked in the future (if a creator is disproved) with fundamentalists like Ken Ham taking over. Or who knows what will happen when they officially have to take a position on the science behind homosexuality. But for now lets be happy that we have theists that actually do not deny evolution, they just believe that God was in the background making it happen. This promotion of scientific facts by the group in my opinion is great as it will make more theists wake up and see that God cannot exist when the science and Bible are read in tandem with critical thinking. Lastly, and probably the most disconcerting, the fact that a website like this exists goes a long way to proving that some theists will never be reached as they are irrationally rational.

Yes, this website relies on special pleading which is sad considering the stance they take on scientific matters. But in the words of the faithful "lets be happy with small miracles."