Thursday, 6 August 2015

Praying to Jehovah - The final Atheist Hail Mary

Recently, I have been having multiple fun and entertaining discussions about the Bible with a friend of mine. Recently though I got challenged by my friend to pray to Jehovah (i.e. God) and basically see what happens. He said, "even if it does not work at least you entertained a friends request." So this is my testimonial as to what happened when I prayed. First I will give some back story, but if you want the testimonial skip to the last paragraph.

One fascinating idea that I have learned through my discussions is that the word Jehovah is Gods personal name. When I was a Christian I certainly heard this name many times, but I was under the impression that it was just a synonym for god/almighty/lord/king and so forth. Apparently though this word is not used by many Christian groups and it is through this simple fact (not knowing Gods name) that some people believe it is difficult to have a personal relationship with God. Reasons for not using the word Jehovah are varied from sect to sect, and for a run down of some of the shockingly poor reasons see the link given above. Now the use of the word Jehovah actually makes sense when you think about it, as having a personal relationship with anyone does require firstly that you know at least the persons name. So, when I prayed I sent my prayers to Jehovah and not just God, my friend rationalized that this would make a difference as its more personal. To this claim I had major objections as really whether you call God by his name or not, he should know who you are speaking to. But nonetheless I decided that to humor a friend and to accept the challenge I would direct the prayer towards Jehovah and as such be calling him by name.


So what did I pray about, I prayed basically the prayer that I would think most atheists that have progressed from a religion pray as their last Hail Mary before accepting that there in all likelihood is not a God. To the atheists reading this that changed from a religion I would be interested to know how many of you, like me, made the final prayer asking for the evidence. The reason I made this prayer was that at that point I realized this was a major turning point and I was prepared to give it all a final chance. After all as many atheists writers have noted, it is much easier to be a believer in the societies we live in.

So, this was the second time I made the Atheists Hail Mary prayer and in brief it goes like this. Hey God, time to prove yourself its really not that hard, Amen. I added the Amen at the end, as I was unsure exactly what you are meant to say. Then again does it really matter how you end a prayer after all God is meant to know right.

The Big Reveal
The revelation of this praying was.......nothing. That's right as expected nothing happened I did not have my Road to Damascus moment. I am still and atheist and in the process I entertained a friend.