Monday, 10 August 2015

Let that woman drown

Update 14 August 2015: This drowning story apparently happened 20 years ago. I apologize to my readers as the original story I read did not mention this time difference.

Original post follows

Thanks to my friend for turning me on to this.

In Dubai a retarded fuckhead father decided to let his daughter die by drowning. Now while he did not force her head under the water, what he did do is refuse to let rescue workers come to his 20 year old drowning daughters help. So in essence this moron actually did do as much as force her head under the water, as he did not want strange men (read rescue workers) to touch her and dishonor her. Apparently for this retard a dead daughter is better to him than a dishonored daughter. According to the newspaper this is what he said to the rescue workers "He told them that he prefers his daughter being dead than being touched by a strange man." Now, while I cannot be certain this is religiously motivated as it does not mention religion in the article. It is certain that some strange irrational belief is at play which lead to the death of this lady, and the country in which it took plays probably lends itself to Islamic irrationality.

Then again, we often get told that Islam is all about sex equality. Although, this of course is even when the Koran explicitly states that a women is worth half a man.

The good news is that the killer got arrested, I call him a killer as lets be under no misapprehension this man killed his daughter by denying her rescue. What exactly happened after this arrest is a bit vague as it says the killer was prosecuted and sued. I am hesitant to say justice was served for two reasons. One, he got sued which implies that is the extent of justice and two I have no further information. In this situation I would like this man to be put in jail to rot for a long time, on top of this I wan to see him denied custody of his children when or if he gets out as clearly he is not capable of looking after his children.

On a side-note, I want to applaud the Dubai police for arresting and prosecuting this man. In many Arabic countries it could have been a complete miscarriage of justice due to the genitalia this killer has.