Monday, 24 August 2015

Audacity - A Review

This review contains spoilers.

Do you have the audacity to write gaping plot holes?
Do you have the audacity to act poorly?
Do you have the audacity to promote bad ideas?

If you have these qualities I really think Ray Comfort may have an opening at Living Waters ministries for you to work on his films. With your help, Ray Comfort can continue to produce failures that make God's Nor Dead look like a masterpiece. Audacity is truly a piece of trash  from a cinematic viewpoint and that is ignoring the plot and the "life lessons" it teaches.

When this movie was first released I heard a lot of waves about it, and as such I decided I must watch it. This was a mistake in retrospect, and so what was wrong with the movie? Well, I think a more appropriate question would be what is right with the movie, I would also suggest that if you do not want spoilers you should stop reading now.

The plot of the film deals with Peter and his co-worker/friend Diana as they discuss being gay, and how Peter deals with the challenge of witnessing to homosexuals. Naturally the big reveal at the end is the absurd notion that Diana is lesbian. Now this would be fine if they did not act like best friends forever in the movie. Really, this reveal is the most absurd reveal I have ever seen in a movie as these two are friendly enough on a level to discuss family, yet they are not friendly enough to share the fact that Diana lives with her partner.

Naturally the life lesson to take away from this movie is that Being Gay is not Okay. However, to get to this conclusion you need to accept that the Bible is the word of God and that this God exists. As such there are clearly are some gaping flaws with these life lesson arguments. The life lessons come when we see Ray witnessing to homosexuals in the movie. Actually, I will be fair to Ray if we accept all his presuppositions then everything he says makes sense. However, anyone with half a brain will not be accepting presuppositions such as, sex is bad. In my opinion Ray takes the position that we cannot decide anything for ourselves and as such we need to get Gods decisions, and God has decided not only that sex is bad, but that gay sex is super bad.

I can't say what I really want to say, as this is how bad this movie is. So, in closing, I have one question for you. Do you have the audacity to waste 50 minutes of your life?