Monday, 13 July 2015

The Peoples Pragmatic Pointless Pathetic Pope


This morning I was watching CNN (don't judge) and the anchors were fawning over the Pope again. After all the Pope was going to the poorest countries in South America to promote his special brand of faith, compassion, love, as well as economic and political ideas. It seems however that all news outlets just do not get that shaking hands with some poor people does not translate into a great peoples person. A great person or a peoples person is someone who goes out and makes a difference if they really want. To be frank the Peoples Pope is in fact the Pointless Pope. If you want a simple comparison I like to think of the Pope in the same way I remember King Abdullah and how he was hailed as a beacon of hope in the Middle East. Remember, this was the same Saudi Arabian King who had authority (just like the Pope) but did not give women rights and decided to label me and every other atheist as a terrorist.

So how could this Pope actually becomes the Peoples Pope and drop his label as Pointless? Here are some simple and easy to do things.
1) Hand over all information regarding sex offenders in the Church to national authorities so these criminals can get prosecuted.
2) Do not harbor criminals in the Vatican, hand them over to the relevant authorities.
3) Allow women to be part of the organization as priests. This is not ideal as I don't want more priests, but it would be a good progressive move.
4) Allow priests to get married.
If you do all of this, I will call you the Peoples Pope. Until then you are Pointless and Pathetic.