Friday, 17 July 2015

The desire to remove personal responsibility

One problem I see in society is this desire to remove personal responsibility when it suits  one. For example, it is much easier for the Greek citizens to want other countries to pay for their early retirements while at the same time not wanting to increase their taxes to get their country out of financial debt. The Greek people voting no to the austerity measures (and other citizens from other countries backing them) is a prime example of removing responsibility. To put it another way, you cannot have free money when their is no money, you actually need to get the money first and that takes responsibility. But lets leave the example of Greece alone as one could argue that this responsibility should lie with the government and not the individual.  Unfortunatelly, this drive to remove personal responsibility is particularity prevalent when social justice warriors want to promote an idea that is not backed by facts over hard cold truths. SJW's are not alone though, it is a tactic that gets used by almost everyone. But, as always an example is better at driving a point home and so let me elaborate on the removal of personal responsibility.

I was having a discussion recently about my view that we should openly mock and criticize Bristol Palin in view of her newest pregnancy. To be clear she holds views that got her pregnant for the second time while not being married as she adheres to Christian values of abstinence only. This ridiculous views got her pregnant, as if she actually used contraception and enjoyed sex in a normal way she would not have two illegitimate children. I will be honest the first pregnancy was still when she was a teen, so while drunk and stupid I have some sympathy for her. Additionally, Bristol Palin is going out promoting and making money off an abstinence program that she does not adhere too. As such, I believe she deserves every bit of criticism aimed at her, as she is a danger to society with her backward views and she is in fact engaging in fraudulent behavior. However, some people believe we should not criticize her as it is not her fault.

Another example floated was that we should not blame Lance Armstrong for his actions. This is ridiculous he is a prime example of a horrific human that deserves all the contempt leveled at him. He made other team mates take narcotics, he lied openly multiple times about the use of narcotics, he played on peoples sensibilities by playing the cancer card, and he defrauded millions. The actions being taken against Armstrong are deserved. Yet, there are some people who believe we should not criticize him.

Or how about those people that feel thieves who steal are not to blame for their actions as they come from a bad environment. Now while I will agree that environment is a major player in the life a person may lead, a person is still responsible for their personal actions otherwise we would live in anarchy. Also, if you are going to use this line of argument you need to be consistent. This is what I find lacking, as many of these same people were quick to point and claim Josh Duggar was a pedophile and sex abuser but not a product of his environment. Interestingly what many of these SJWs forget is that Josh Duggar was a young teen and Bristol Palin was a much older teen during her first pregnancy, yet they only want to remove responsibility for one.

Personal responsibility is necessary as it is what keeps our societies around the world in order, truthfully without it we will descend into chaos. This is applicable to politics, social issues, economics, religion and every other facet of life. Perhaps this is why some people who do not believe in gods favor objective morality as it removes personal responsibility.

Now, for the first time I can use this parody picture on my blog. Yes, I know its dark so don't be a hater.