Monday, 6 July 2015

The Christian God created evil

I was reading a blogpost at Annalects of an Atheist about original sin, and tumbled upon the following verse from the book of Isaiah.

Isiah 45:7  I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

I would not be lying to say that I did a double take when I first read this. After all, I have read the Bible more than once, so to come upon a verse that explicitly states that God created evil was interesting for me. But, I thought "hey maybe the King James Bible is just a rubbish translation" (as I know will be an apologetics answer) and so I decided to look at some other translations and this is what I found: create evil (12 times), create doom (1 time), create woe (9 time), create sorrow (1 time), creating evil (1 time), cause trouble (5 times), create calamity (7 times), create disaster (7 times), send bad (1 time), create discord (1 time), create hard times (1 time), create bad times (1 time), and my personal favorite create rah, the Hebrew word for evil (1 time).

So for a moment lets forget the slight problem that there are so many translations and as such the omnipotent God is unable to get a handle on one simple word getting mistranslated. All of these words imply that God created evil in one form or another. It is also particularly interesting that many translations had adapted some fancy footwork to avoid using the Hebrew word rah. It is almost as if the translators of these versions knew that saying "God created evil" creates massive problems for the existence of an all loving and caring God.

If you still do not or cannot believe that God created evil, I would implore you to read what the Hebrew translation of "rah" means. There is no way you can look at this word and still deny that your all loving good god is in fact an evil twisted sicko.