Friday, 31 July 2015

Talking to theists leading to new directions

I really have been having problems coming across as an obnoxious asshole when talking to theists. Granted sometimes I have been the obnoxious asshole, but generally I try my best not to be.

Through this process I have tried multiple approaches from the sledge hammer approach of demanding proof for any claim, to the inquisitive approach of asking many questions to show the errors in the belief system, and all those in between. However, all these approached fail usually when I point out that said person has committed a huge logic error which in turn leads to a great deal of anger directed in my direction. Granted this is entirely understandable as preconceptions of important beliefs are being challenged and humans are not great at change. But through all of this, I have discovered that pretty much nothing works in my opinion when challenging theistic beliefs. The only time it works is when you are speaking to a person that actually embraces rational thought and is honestly engaging in debate to test if their belief system is true.

The one core point that I find annoying when talking to theists is that they are quick to point out that I do not understand the Bible/Koran/(insert holy one and only true book here) as I have never read it. Now, I have read these books. In fact more often than not I understand their holy texts better than most theists however they refuse to believe this, which ironically comes from the logical reason that they cannot see the evidence. For this reason, and to help my sanity, I have decided to start reading the Koran and Bible in tandem, from cover to cover, and blog about what I find once a week. However, have no fear this will not be another Bible blog going chapter for chapter. It will just be my thoughts on general ideas of parts of the books and highlighting of verses that I think are important. For this reason there will probably not be a lot of focus on some of the more boring books in the Bible like Kings, while at the same time spending way to much time in Genesis and Revelations.

So what do I get out of this? Well, I get a link to say to theists "hey guess what, I have read the Bible and studied it well." Also, I get to put a buffer on my blogging which is necessary as I am getting busier at work these days. Of course my blood pressure will drop to a relatively normal range as well. Additionally, I was thinking that when I finish these books I can move on to the more fun books like the book of Moron Mormon, Dianetics etc. Lastly, this may actually increase the amount of posts per week at times, so its a win all round.

So that is a new direction on this blog. I hope you enjoy it and stick around and who knows maybe I even get more theist readers.