Friday, 24 July 2015

Podcasts that I listen to - The second coming

So this is the second edition of podcasts I listen to, the first edition can be found here. I thought it was time to update my list and give a new category or two. Also I decided not to give numbers, as I think all the podcasts mentioned here are great and its not meant to be taken as a priority listening list.

My regular Atheism Podcasts

The Bitchspot Report
After a hiatus the Bitchspot Report is now back with Charles and Cephus. This podcast is different to most other atheist podcasts as it comes from a conservative perspective. It covers relevant news items as well as delving into core issues relating to atheism and/or conservatism.

The Thinking Atheist
Seth Andrews is still producing a regular podcast and gaining listeners. Seth likes to refer to himself as a storyteller and that is what he is. He has a background in talk radio which probably gives this podcast that special feel, as he says "I was a broadcaster for 20 years. Ironically, much of it was Christian radio. Ain’t life strange?" Podcast
The anchor of this podcast is Jake, who has a number of guests that come around and make for a very entertaining podcast. There is a lot of humor in this podcast, and it is generally (not always) edited for profanity. Unfortunately, to get all the content (the regular show is one hour long) you need to be a Patreon of the show.

A Podcast on its own?

Geologic Podcast
George Hrab really is in a league of his own, so much so that I am not even sure what category his podcast could fall under. Its brilliant, funny, educational, musical, atheistic, a little crazy and I love it, but I really have no idea where to put it.

My regular Science/Skepticism Podcasts

Inquiring Minds
I like this podcast, the only problem is that like many science podcasts they can be a little too sporadic. Its almost as if they are defunct at times and then pop back up for multiple weeks. Still very worth the listen.
(Update August 04 2015: The reason I thought this podcast was defunct at times, was due to me going to the wrong page. The actual website is here. Apologies)

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe 
If you like science you will like this show. I think on a political and social level me and the hosts could probably disagree for hours, luckily this is about science and that I can get behind. 

Podcast for the newbie atheist, and the inquiring theist.

The Atheist Experience (Show and Podcast)
This is a staple for most atheists and should be for new atheists. I personally do not listen frequently anymore as I get frustrated enough with theists in my normal life to entertain them in leisure time. If you are a newbie atheists I would recommend this show.

Other Atheist based Podcasts worth a listen
These are podcasts that I listen to sometimes and I really enjoy. However, they are not podcasts that I diligently listen to, also they may be for a more mature audience.

Geeks without God
Molly, Nick and Tim create a dynamic that is very listenable. If you are a geek, then this podcast is definitely for you. If you are not a geek, the show is still very enjoyable although you should probably avoid the geeky boners episodes.

Cognitive dissonance
Cecil and Tom are a riot of laughs with their atheism. I will say though that maybe you should not listen to this one at work. Theists like to talk about angry atheists, and while I would not describe the hosts as angry, this show would certainly appeal to an angry atheist.

So, some podcasts are gone from the original list either as I got disenchanted, or they are defunct, or they are too sporadic. But, I feel this list is a good start for new and old atheists alike to get some listening entertainment.