Friday, 10 July 2015

Korean Christians hatred of LGBT gets smashed

This year in Seoul the LBGT Pride Parade was cancelled due to the inane reason of being a traffic hazard. However, after fifteen years and a wise judge the event is back on, I should add it also helped that the cancellation was given international exposure and this resulted in international pressure. But do not be fooled into believing the tripe reason of "traffic hazard" put forward is legitimate. This all arose for one reason and that is the ever growing threat of Christianity and the inherent homophobia promoted in the Bible. Naturally it also does not help that many views held by people in positions with a wide audience are just wrong and uneducated i.e. "Homosexuality only aimed at pursuing carnal pleasures must be denied flatly. If love is accompanied, the will of the gays must be respected." I mean seriously, why do you need love to enjoy sex? And why the hell would you engage in homosexual activities if you only desired carnal pleasure, if you are not homosexual?


Christians at last years Seoul Pride Festival (Korea Queer Culture Festival) lay down in the street forming a human barrier as well as chanting that homosexuals have no place in society. Needless to say some of the protesters were arrested and for that we can see the law is working in protecting peoples right to their sexuality. However, as we have seen in other parts of the world allowing these people to dictate policies, as happened with the attempted ban, they will try oppress others. The rhetoric by these homophobes this year has got even more insane with claims that MERS (which has recently plagued the country) and HIV will mix together to form a deadly virus that will sweep the nation. I wish I could say I am making this up, but these people are actually that intellectually challenged that they believe this tripe.

If you live in Korea and anywhere near Seoul Plaza on the 28th of June 2015, please feel free to attend and enjoy the Pride parade. The higher turnout will go a long way in showing that Christianity sponsored Homophobia will not be tolerated.