Monday, 20 July 2015

Keller explains Hell to us, and its a lot worse than expected apparently

The Hell concept is interesting to atheists and skeptics for a variety of reasons, as it (1) demonstrates something about God's nature and (2) it actually is not described in the Bible as it is sold by Christian groups. As such, there is a lot of reasons to doubt the ideas of hell and realize that these concepts were designed by theists to use as a stick to beat followers into submission to anything they want. For this reason, I was watching a video (see below) by Christian apologist Dr Timothy Keller about Hell, and whether God sends people to Hell.

Dr Keller is quick to distance himself from the traditional view of a sulfur hell fire with flames. He points out that the God image of people getting sent to hell by him is not what Hell is, as God is not kicking any non-believer anywhere. In fact, Dr Keller gives you some hope that finally there is an apologist that actually believes the Hell concept is pure evil and as such is in sharp contrast with the God of love that Christians love to promote. However, that feeling of hope as always with apologists is not held for a very long time when he says "Hell is in fact much worse". So what is worse than the Christian hell flaunted by ministers around the world to instill fear and make you give appropriate amounts of money to their coffers? According to Dr Keller, hell is being left alone by God for an eternity. Now while this may not seem like such a bad thing, what it translates to is no way to redeem yourself and heal the pain of certain ailments that may affect you. In this way you basically waste away forever, as God is the only person that can heal you if you are suffering emotional or physical distress.

In my opinion both versions of hell presented are shocking for a loving God to adopt. All Dr Keller is doing is showing that there is more than one way to instill fear and take money from the sheep.